About Group Sessions

There is no doubt that we are living in extraordinary, fast changing times and it is not always easy to remind ourselves that we are creator beings. As the increasing polarity in the collective consciousness intensifies we may find that it magnifies what is occurring for us on a personal level. This may manifest in uncertainty or in repetitive dreams or ‘psychic’ experiences that can be difficult to have context for. If you are finding it difficult to stay centered or even feeling ‘out of synch’ with the world it can be helpful to remember that, help is always available, through the many Beings in other realms and dimensions who are supporting and guiding us along the way.

My Group Sessions were born from a heartfelt desire, to share with others, the wisdom that I was receiving from working with my Guides over many years. I realised that the information was not just personal but universal in nature so tentatively in 2010, I offered my first public session and since then, they have grown and evolved into the transformational gatherings they are today. Over the years the Guides have covered a myriad of themes and they continue to guide us in ways to deepen and expand our own multi-dimensional nature

These Guides offer enlightening perspectives on personal and planetary healing. Group gatherings are an opportunity to expand your awareness and connect more deeply with your Soul presence and purpose. They can trigger profound insights that support you in exploring new possibilities for your life. Some participants have shared experiences of shifts into expanded states of being, having spontaneous realisations, even connecting consciously for the first time with their Guides.

“Fantastic, other-worldly, surreal, brilliant, mind-blowing, incredible divine messages. Thank you! Has given me many incredible new perspectives to look at ‘everything’ from.” TK-Melbourne

I work with and channel a variety of Higher Dimensional Beings among them ‘Collectives’ of the Sirius, Arcturan and Elohim Frequencies; The Council of 9 and Ishtaria a 9th Dimensional Light Being. Typically ‘Collectives’ of the Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies come through during public Sessions. Their unifying message is that we are all unique aspects of an interconnected, ever expanding multi-verse—a ‘Galactic Playground’ and that we each have a unique Soul presence and purpose. The way to connect and align with this is through our own multi-dimensional channel of guidance.

These gatherings support you in shifting to a higher vibrational frequency. The compassionate guidance and intimate conversation with these Guides offers much sacred knowledge, revelation and wisdom as well as tangible, practical guidance. There will be an opportunity to ask questions directly of the Guides though an interactive Q& A segment.

‘It was a delight to hear and receive the clarity, warmth and wisdom from your guides. It felt as if I was in the company of friends who cared deeply for me. It has given me a much higher perspective on my life path and relationships and I feel greatly uplifted and positive about the future.’  A Solomon ( Bowral )

“I can’t even begin to explain how amazing the energies in that room were. Great insights, healing and transformation came from that night! Carole thank you again for sharing your gifts and love with us!” Sabrina ( Sydney )