Would you like to connect more deeply with your inner guidance?

Are you new to discovering the realm of your inner world or want to deepen your understanding of it?

We all have an in built ‘Inner Guidance’ system. This works through our alignment with Soul Presence and is key to our ability to live and express its purpose. It is designed to operate 24/7. Yet, because it is an inner system, we may not discern, hear or feel its presence above the chatter and clatter of our ‘outer’ world activity.


No matter how much in tune we are with Inner Guidance there is always untapped potential waiting to be activated. By receiving deeper levels of inner guidance we are able to express and experience more expanded levels of  unlimited creative possibility.

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You may want to discover your own way of receiving Inner Guidance or expand your connection to other dimensional guides. You may wish to channel in a wider way or expand your healing practice. Whether you are new to working with your inner guidance or want to deepen your already awareness of it this powerful, informative and transformational workshop will support you in awakening to and unlocking deeper levels of your inner guidance and into the heart centred frequency of your Soul presence and Purpose.





The purpose of a Soul Centred life is the expansion of Soul purpose. Understanding the power of your inner guidance and how it works uniquely for you is the first step in the journey of the expansion of ‘you’ no matter what this may look like in terms of its form.


Inner Guidance is a subtle frequency, unlike the dense frequency of material form. Learning to recognise the subtle frequencies of inner guidance is like learning to read. Once you learn to read you can read all manner of books and access great knowledge. Following your inner guidance offers deep personal fulfilment and opens up unlimited potential for experience and expression of Soul Purpose.





♦ What Inner Guidance is and what it means to align and work with it

♦ The metaphysics of Soul, the Human Energy Field and how you are wired through your Soul Blueprint to receive Soul Impulse and Inner Guidance in your unique way

♦ How inner guidance shows up as a tool for greater awareness and creative expression

♦ How  raising and holding your frequency is key to opening up to greater possibilities

♦ How to distinguish between true inner guidance versus mind chatter and much more… 





♦ Direct channelling from the Arcturan and Sirius Collectives

♦ Receive teachings on the metaphysics of inner guidance

♦ Healing Sound Activations to unlock new levels of your Soul Blueprint

♦ A Heart centred, interactive, safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment





♦ An understanding that your life has meaning and purpose

♦ A deeper more intimate connection with your unique channel of Guidance

♦ A new level of confidence and trust in opening up to a greater Soul centred possibility for your life

♦ This will save you much time and effort in figuring out your own way and expression of your inner guidance





This experiential workshop is facilitated by Carole McKeracher: Spiritual Channel and Visionary Intuitive and Andrew Solomon: Spiritual Healer and Teacher of Metaphysics. Who have each in their own unique way been learning about, working with and expanding their inner guidance for more than three decades and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. They have vast experience in facilitating workshops and guiding people on their unique journey of personal transformation.





will support you in awakening to and unlocking deeper levels of your inner guidance and into the heart centred frequency of your Soul presence and Purpose.

We do hope you feel to join us and if you have any questions please email 

Bookings are Essential as numbers will be limited


New Dates Coming Soon

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“I very much enjoyed the day which was packed full of so much information. I feel very blessed to have attended and it certainly helped activate more of a connection for me which I am grateful for. Thank you again for the gift of the audio recordings. I certainly look forward to hearing about any other workshops you may choose to run in the future.” HC

It was such a pleasure to be in the presence of your beautiful energy at the workshop on Saturday. I enjoyed the compelling presentation of the scientific/spiritual connection, as well as your gentle words of wisdom, and of course the channelled Light Being’s messages of love and healing. I felt as if I had spent time in the presence of angels. I truly felt a real shift in my energy and closer connection to myself as a Soul being, and a clearer separation of my (ego) disconnected state. I very much enjoyed spending the day listening to all that was imparted, and spending time with the other lovely souls participating. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next one! Namaste” J Dean