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What does it take to live as a Soul Centred being?

What does it take to live as a Soul Centred being – to live life from and within its perspective?

We all feel deep down that there is a greater purpose for our lives and seek to discover it. We all desire to feel aligned with our true purpose, to find ways to expand our relationships and authentically express ourselves in the world.

Yet life does not come with an instruction manual. There are no 10 steps for the Spiritual Path, no handbook that clearly states some special rules that will lead us to Nirvana.

Yet what is true is that we are all unique and interconnected aspects of an infinite, abundant and ever-expanding Universe. We can never be separate from our Soul. Yes, never separate…simply not possible! We are Guided by Soul because it is our essence. We only have to remember and align ourselves through our inner guidance system.

What if Life Is Meant To Be Simple?  

What if Life Is Meant To Be Simple? Have you ever noticed that your mind can be racing with many thoughts, many of which seem to contradict each other? Conflicting ideas, images, philosophies and a myriad of ways to improve the human condition abound in this world. All jostling for our attention.

Yet what if life is supposed to be more simple than we are led to believe? What if it is far more simple than the complexity our minds have made into somewhat of a reality for us?

Embracing the Power of Change

Embracing the Power of Change. I have been thinking a lot about the word ‘change’ of late. It has been said that change is the one constant in life and yet sometimes it feels as if it happens too fast, too much and all too soon since the last one! Yet change is simply an opportunity for a change in perspective. Sounds simple when put that way, yet it can feel far from simple when our whole perspective of the world changes. When the veil is lifted even the slightest and the curtains drawn back to let in more light, the way we were no longer serves and we are standing and operating from a whole new paradigm. This serves to be the next starting point to our next shift in perspective and so the never ending flow occurs.

Time to Embrace our Perfect Imperfections

Time to Embrace our Perfect Imperfections. The primary purpose of inner Guidance is to expand and evolve out of our limited belief structures. It is beyond the limitations we have placed on ourselves. Therefore it is not wise to restrict the flow of our guidance by boxing it into our old limited belief ‘system’.

I recall many years ago feeling frustrated at not getting something in particular that I wanted in life and asking my Guides how I could ‘get’ it. I can honestly say I was unhappy with the answers I was getting. I was pulled up by my husband, the wisest person I know, who said to me in no uncertain terms –‘that my guides are not my slaves’.  So true! They are offering us wisdom and an expanded view of our reality that we may come to understand and live as a Soul centered human. Not an egocentric existence!

Playing With Change

PLAYING WITH CHANGE. One of the things that I have been noticing of late is that so many of us are in a state of frustration with wanting radical change both on a personal and collective level. And we want that change now!

The Guides teach us that we are all interconnected and as such can never be separate from a never-ending flow of expansion. Does it always look and feel that way? No! The ego is impatient and wants everything at once and it lets us know that change is not happening nearly fast enough.

The Time is Now!

The Time is Now! I awoke on Saturday morning to a different world. Or was it that, I was different?

The Friday night before I had little sleep, tossing and turning whilst grappling with thoughts of the horrendous carnage that had taken place in Bourke Street Melbourne City that day. As I endlessly looped the images in my mind, my heart was broken into a thousand pieces as I recalled the upturned pram that had been wrenched from a mother’s grip and dragged metres down the road. In this pram was a tiny baby the same age as my granddaughter.

Has Fear really Trumped Love?

Has Fear really trumped love?  Has Fear really Trumped Love? The answer is no and yet as we view all of the craziness in the world today it is easy to feel as if fear is winning.

I personally feel sad, that clearly, we are still needing to learn lessons that require a path of pain to ‘get them’. Have we not bled enough? 

There is no doubt that there is a great desire for change upon this planet. Old structures are collapsing and it is becoming clearer that many of the old ways of being will never serve a new world that will need to be based on connection rather than separation. We are sovereign beings who do not need saving from anyone or anything. Yet, we can see that many feel so disempowered and cannot see a way forward with this unless someone ‘saves’ them. We can only offer compassion to this way of thinking for within this thinking is the idea that they are not capable of saving themselves.

Frequency and Potential of 2018

It is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most pleased to be here to give you some wisdom, some context for this year. You are now into a new calendar year that in your terms you call 2018. Now every year has its own frequency, every year has its own unique vibration and its own unique potentiality.


The potentiality, of every moment, is the potential for growth and awareness of self. If you look at it from that perspective, from the realm of what is this year offering me, in terms of my growth and awareness, my connection to the deeper part of myself, the healed part of myself, you will start to be able to define it in a different way that is most helpful. For if you start to define it, in a sense, of what is it that- ‘I have to do- what is it that I have to achieve in this year’ you can get lost in a myriad of different aspects, in a myriad of different opportunities. So, what is underlying this year is, that the sense that you always have the ability to move through what is there and this particular year is offering a profound shift in your perspective of the whole–the All, to the greater cosmos.

A New Way of Being- Elohim


Firstly, the new way is not a dance to become someone other than you are. It is not about becoming–rather it is the integration of the knowing that you are.

Time is relevant here. For without time, you fail to see the great strides you have made in your progression forward. And yet, it is also time to acknowledge that time no longer has the hold on you it once did. This frees you up to experience your world without its constraints.Time was necessary. Yet it no longer offers the fixed point it once had. This will affect you in many ways for you will no longer feel the need to express yourself in a ‘timely’ fashion. What do we mean by this? Well, it is that in the past you have put in place ‘timelines of consciousness’ that you feel are important and when reached, offer a point in which you can now share yourself.