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The 11:11 Phenomenon

We take great pleasure in having another communication for today.

There are many of you who have for some time noticed the number 11 cropping up again and again in all sorts of apparently unrelated moments and circumstances. Perhaps this has been looking upon a digital timepiece or instrument and seeing the numbers 11:11.

We have long ago planted the seed of remembrance into the 11:11, for this is a call of awakening. As many have been impulsed by the use of digital recognition of the numerical template we do say that in the same way you will now also be impulsed by the 12-12 as representing the new template of awakening.

The Nature and Purpose of Channelling

Good evening! We are most pleased to be in your presenceWhat a wonderful group of Entities you are. Truly ‘Beings of Light’; as our dear friend Ishtaria has already spoken about–the ‘Light’ and about the ‘Beings’ that you are. We would like to bask in your beauty, just for a moment–a moment in time to really connect with your energies–and we ask you to do the same with us. So, please breathe in your energy; your essence; your being and then extend that out into the group and see yourselves, as a collective of Beings of Light, as we are.

Your Life Matters

It is all too well to say that your journey upon this earth has little merit in the larger scheme of things. Yet this is very far from the truth. If you could see how it is that you and you alone, have an effect upon the entire cosmos, you would be left in little doubt of your magnitude.

Let us proceed from this standing point–that this is so and it is an error of judgment to see it as anything less than so. The magnitude of your magnificence ripples out affecting every particle of matter. For is it not true that if you did not exist, the world would not be as it is? For your flavour and yours alone will bring forth a unique mix that, in a way, creates the whole–so that if you extracted your essence, the whole would not be as it is.

Now from a negative aspect you might say that there are many reasons to wish that some or many aspects of your world could be extracted from the recipe and yet it is that we wish to offer that all is in perfection. It is not trivial to offer this. Rather it is the acknowledgment that in your world, each ingredient that makes up the whole is relevant and crucial.

What is Soul? What is Destiny?

It is with great pleasure that we are now together again as you see that togetherness. We can see that you are opening yourself up to receive our impulsing and to take notice of that small, soft voice within. And, as you give it your attention it will not only become louder but become clearer and feel stronger at all times for you.The Light contains the whole and the whole contains the Light. Neither can be separate just as you, in actuality, cannot be separated from that which you desire to be. Your restlessness comes partly from the inherent lack of knowing who you are and that then disables you in a sense to express yourself fully in the world.

Is it not true that you wish to find your greater Self and the seemingly missing aspects of you? It is that you want to give yourself permission to be fully present to whom you are and to extend that outwards in a way which feels familiar and enables you to cast joy not only for yourself but also for others?