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Has Fear really Trumped Love?

Has Fear really trumped love?  Has Fear really Trumped Love? The answer is no and yet as we view all of the craziness in the world today it is easy to feel as if fear is winning.

I personally feel sad, that clearly, we are still needing to learn lessons that require a path of pain to ‘get them’. Have we not bled enough? 

There is no doubt that there is a great desire for change upon this planet. Old structures are collapsing and it is becoming clearer that many of the old ways of being will never serve a new world that will need to be based on connection rather than separation. We are sovereign beings who do not need saving from anyone or anything. Yet, we can see that many feel so disempowered and cannot see a way forward with this unless someone ‘saves’ them. We can only offer compassion to this way of thinking for within this thinking is the idea that they are not capable of saving themselves.

Frequency and Potential of 2018

It is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most pleased to be here to give you some wisdom, some context for this year. You are now into a new calendar year that in your terms you call 2018. Now every year has its own frequency, every year has its own unique vibration and its own unique potentiality.


The potentiality, of every moment, is the potential for growth and awareness of self. If you look at it from that perspective, from the realm of what is this year offering me, in terms of my growth and awareness, my connection to the deeper part of myself, the healed part of myself, you will start to be able to define it in a different way that is most helpful. For if you start to define it, in a sense, of what is it that- ‘I have to do- what is it that I have to achieve in this year’ you can get lost in a myriad of different aspects, in a myriad of different opportunities. So, what is underlying this year is, that the sense that you always have the ability to move through what is there and this particular year is offering a profound shift in your perspective of the whole–the All, to the greater cosmos.

A New Way of Being- Elohim


Firstly, the new way is not a dance to become someone other than you are. It is not about becoming–rather it is the integration of the knowing that you are.

Time is relevant here. For without time, you fail to see the great strides you have made in your progression forward. And yet, it is also time to acknowledge that time no longer has the hold on you it once did. This frees you up to experience your world without its constraints.Time was necessary. Yet it no longer offers the fixed point it once had. This will affect you in many ways for you will no longer feel the need to express yourself in a ‘timely’ fashion. What do we mean by this? Well, it is that in the past you have put in place ‘timelines of consciousness’ that you feel are important and when reached, offer a point in which you can now share yourself.

Arcturan Message June 2017

Human experience in this moment is one of great contrasts. You have upon your planet a daily drama of hate, pain, war and decidedly unloving actions. Each one of you faces a challenge within this. Do you align with this or do you align with a greater aspect of yourself?

The higher aspect of humanity can feel hidden from your sight for this does not make grand headlines. This is where trust must come into play. Trust that this is who you are. Trust that the higher aspect of you knows it is being called forth and it will respond.

So many of you are keeping your growth and awareness hidden as you can often feel that you will be attacked for being this way–for seeking a greater pathway. Know that so many are working in the shadows bringing light to this planet and as each one of you offers this to another, a light of recognition is sparked within and no words are needed. There is just a remembrance–a reconnection.

What does the energies of 2017 hold for us?

I would like to share with you some of what I have learnt, so far, from the Guides in reference to the energies of this year. It is fair to say that what is in store for us in 2017 is very much in flux and yet, what is clear is that it will be both challenging and exciting.

2016 was a year of much instability and for many it felt like walking on boards that were flying out from under our feet! The closing stages of the year reflected much chaos in many parts of the world, a counterproductive energy to moving into a more harmonious reality.

2017 is a year of consolidation, not so much a time of consolidation of our external desires and wants, rather a year of consolidation within Soul. This can only come from a place of connection. For as we see in the world more pronounced and obvious polarity creating more separation we will be forced, in a sense, to go within and claim our place in the higher scheme of things. We will continue to play out old energies, ones that no longer serve the higher good, through bullies on the world stage and increasing disempowered governmental bodies. There is a lot of heaviness on the planet at this time, as if the energy is compressed and pushing down. Many are feeling tied down as if they cannot move, but that is not the truth.

The Bridge of the Heart

There is a bridge, in a sense, that humanity is being called to walk across. You are being called to walk through the vessel of your heart and leave all of the ideas behind that keep you from that experience.

You are being called, despite any fear, despite any inability to see what the future holds for you, to stay true and know that it is only through the connection of the heart that you will reach a place of peace with this. That you will reach a place where you have grown beyond the base that is of fear and insecurity.

And, when it is that you have reached that place you will see that your small ideas of what was going on held you back. You will simply see the situation for what it is and you will not be attached in any way.

Because the outcome for you, the being who walks across this bridge into the totality of your heart, you will have a vastly different outcome to anyone who wants to remain in the fear based structure and cling onto old ways of being.     Arcturans

Citizens of the Universe are We


We are so grateful to be here this evening to be in your presence. We have so much gratitude for this gathering, for the ones’ who are here, to hear us speak, and feel our presence of love. For as we always remind ones’ who listen to us, we can only express ourselves in a loving manner–there is no other choice for us–it is simply love.

Why is that often human beings would see themselves as separate from the whole galaxy, the universe, from the whole? Is it a feeling of unworthiness? Is it a feeling of separation? Or is just that you have forgotten and you need a gentle reminder that you are part of the whole?

And what does that mean to be part of the whole? Does it mean something different from walking around as a separate entity? Well, yes, it is, for if you were to experience yourselves as part of the whole in any given moment, would you not think that your life would look quite different?

The Reconnection to Self

Q: The world seems to be in endless cycles of chaos. Is there something we can clear–something to create positive change?

A: You speak of clearing in terms of muck that has to be got rid of, as if there is much wrong and yet it is that a higher perspective and better question would be—‘how may I raise my vibration to be in alignment with the highest possible outcome in terms of growth and evolution?’

So it is from this point that we will proceed…

Collectively there is a calling to let go of disempowerment. What we mean by this, is the calling forth, within oneself of true empowerment. Many have felt that it no longer serves the common good to be served by governments and leaders who do not share the highest values of the tribe.

Yet, it also no longer serves to cut down those in office in cruel acts of violence. But what does serve is the empowerment of the individual to benefit from connecting with other empowered individuals and then it is that much is accomplished.

Multi-Dimensional Nature of the Earth

Q: Could you say anything about the MD nature of the Earth? Particularly the idea that the Earth is hollow and that there are other beings, with other vibrations that actually live within the Earth, that seem to be within what seems to be a dimension of the Earth?      

A: Yes, in a sense that is completely correct. And, we will say that if you can imagine, we will say the species, that live within the earth, the core of the Earth, they are one aspect and dimension that the Earth can offer its inhabitants. Now, the Earth herself is evolving into a much higher aspect of the physical realm that is, shall we say, holding the beings upon the planet.

And, this in itself, causes chaos on many levels because, as You would experience within yourselves, when you grow and expand and move to different dimensions of yourself—purely in an aspect of seeing that there is something far greater within you that you wish to experience , you often go through upheavals and expansions within your physical beings, within your mind, within your mental acuity and that can cause great chaos within your being, within the way that you interact with the world.

You are in a field of consciousness that is vastly changing.

There is a lot of heaviness on the planet at this time. A lot of feeling as if the energy is compressed and compressing and pushing down on each individual upon the planet and that can feel as if you are tied. Really held down as if you cannot move and that is not the truth. 
It is about really absorbing the energy and being with that however it feels and that can feel as if you are trapped. But really it is your own–and we say this with kindness—it is as if you are trapping yourself in a cage that you do not need to.

Because it is simply energy that you are calling down and you are expecting it to be lighter and you are feeling as if things aren’t changing quickly enough. And, yet, we can say from our vantage point, they surely are. So, in a sense it has to be that there has to be more patience for yourselves and for the great cosmic dance that is going on.