Channelled Readings

♦ Are you feeling overwhelmed by a particular issue or challenge in your life, perhaps in terms of loss, wellbeing, relationship, abundance or creative expression?


♦ Are you feeling stuck, searching for insight and answers or seeking a new direction that offers an expanded perspective for your life?


♦ Are you struggling to manifest your goals and visions because you are not sure if you are on the right track?


♦ Simply lacking inspiration?




“Carole gave me the most insightful reading that took me a couple of days to process. I was at a cross roads in my business. My business partner had left and I was undecided on whether to carry on. I love the fact we have a recording to listen to it again. I found the session was so powerful and so spot on. I didn’t say much because I was fearful of leading it. She just tuned in and gave me some valuable insights.

I can highly recommend Carole for finding clarity and direction in your life.”

Fiona Craig – Life Balance Coach – Sydney Aus



When we feel blocked ,resistant, confused, doubting our purpose and gifts, the voice of our inner guidance feels silent. The immediate life experience becomes the overwhelming focus which takes away from seeing the bigger vision and receiving the answers we need.This produces a feeling of disconnection from our creative power and sets up a loop of frustration, pain and disempowerment. Relationships can feel hard, we can feel separate and alone leading to loss of wellbeing, abundance and creativity.

I know how challenging and confusing life can be when we feel this way.  However much in tune we are, have meditated on and sent healing to a particular issue in our life there are times when the answers we seek still feel elusive.


There are times when we simply need a helping hand and  

guidance that offers a clearer perspective and a new expanded vision


When we open up to receive guidance a clearer life vision becomes available and the way forward miraculously reveals itself. This creates a sense of peace, wellbeing and inspiration.



“The most wonderful and transformational session, and I have been loving the space I create now! I have been feeling amazing ever since your channel, so much clarity for me and where I am at. Thanks again.”

 Terri Lovell – The Crystal healing Temple-Mona Vale Aus


How I can help…

My Channelled Readings are powerful, in-depth and deeply transformational. They are a seamless blend of my intuitive insights and working directly with my Guides offering a unique experience perhaps like nothing you have had before. As a Spiritual Channel I channel many Inter-Dimensional Collectives of Light Beings representing ‘A Team of Galactic Guides’. 

If channelling is a new experience for you let me demystify it. Channelling is the act of communing with Divine nature. It offers much more than just having your questions answered.  As words are a form of energy, channelled information is more than just the words, it has an energy that contains all frequencies at once. Creating a perception shift, a vibration shift and is one of the greatest tools for self-transformation. Although distinct from the person who is channelling, channelled entities, like all beings, are part of the one mind, one heart, and one consciousness that connects us all.

Each Collective who I channel has a unique voice, frequency and purpose in service to the empowerment of humanity.As they share their expanded perspective, guidance and healing frequencies through me you will gain a greater context for your human experience healing the misperceptions of a limited self thus lighting the way for an expanded way of being…

There is no right way – only the right way for you!  



“I recently had a private session with Carole and absolutely loved the conversation that unfolded with the Sirius Collective who had come forward to connect with me that day. It really was like having an intimate chat with a close friend who happens to have a broader perspective from the top of the mountain and reporting back to me the view while I am making my way up there.

It confirmed what I already felt inside and gave me the opportunity to create more clarity as my questions were answered with very practical suggestions.

Not long after our session I was in a situation were I had to make a choice about where I would move. By applying their suggestions to let every choice be informed by supporting my current soul urge to be in an environment that nurtures a deeper connection with my Self rather than basing decisions on practical matters.

Everything just flowed with such ease and grace!  Thank you Carole for being a channel for such loving support.” 

Tina van Leuven (Business Coach, International Author, Joy Oracle) Perth Aus




What to expect from a session…

♦ A heart centred intimate experience that offers powerful shifts in energy. 

♦ Personalised guidance around any question, concern or circumstance whether it be your relationships; how you can open up to deeper levels of abundance, health, healing work, career or creative endeavour; or find new ways to expand the expression of your unique gifts and talents.

♦ An expanded awareness that will support you in shifting from frustration to inspiration.

♦ A renewed sense of purpose and confidence and next steps to inspire you in moving forward into a greater life vision.




All the details…

♦ Format:  Skype or Zoom (world-wide)

Length:  Sessions are 60 minutes

♦ Audio Recording:You will receive an MP3 recording via email. The guidance you receive is timeless. Many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers new insights and revelations.

♦ Investment:   $150 AU                                                            Book a Session


“What a beautiful message from Ishtaria and Carole. I recently had a personal session with Ishtaria and I was blown away. I had very specific questions and was seeking specific insight and resolution. It was amazing and I received both and more. If you are looking for clarity, I highly recommend a session with these amazing two Beings. In Light.”

Trilby Johnson -The Connective.  NZ

“I listened to my recording last night.  It was just beautiful.   The energy was so embracing, loving and wise and it felt as present as if you were sitting in the room with me.  I found myself crying through much of it, an emotional release I suppose, to hear the guidance and information I received.  How wonderful to be able have a reading that I can listen to again while  sitting in my PJ’s at 10 o’clock at night – that’s what I call convenient!!  The Elohim are brought through so beautifully by you and I really appreciated you taking the extra time to get me set up to be in the best space to receive it.  Your service and integrity contributes hugely to the energy of such a special reading.  The recording link was easy to download thanks, and now it is safely on my computer. Thank you!”                                                                                                            Kathryn Hand – Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy – Sydney Aus

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