Channelled Readings

 My passionate intention is to support you on your unique path of self discovery and expansion to live and express your unique Soul presence and purpose in the world. 

All Sessions are recorded. You will receive a digital recording via email so you can listen to it again as often as you like. The guidance you receive is timeless. Many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers new insights and revelations. Read about client’s experiences with personal sessions here…

How do you put into words an experience that has the potential to change your life forever? Sessions have been described as life-changing and profoundthe most incredible gift of an entire lifeexactly what I needed, and not word worthy to describe. However you explain it, a session with The Council promises to be transformational, insightful, and the vibrational opportunity of a lifetime. Perhaps – like nothing you have experienced before!

Every session with The Council is unique to each person and their individual life experiences. The intention of all sessions is to provide you with valuable clarity, help you discover your soul’s ultimate desires, and remind you who you are, why you are here, and what you intended when you chose this life experience. Private sessions with The Council have the transformative power to help you transcend your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs once-and-for-all, so that you can create the life you really want to live! Once you remember and experience the vibration of who you really are, anything and everything becomes possible for you. Your life will begin to change in exciting, inspiring, and miraculous ways!

You may ask The Council questions about any topic or subject. Many have come to The Council to discuss topics such as; a new business or career path, healing health-related issues, recovering from a divorce or financial problems, improving relationships, matters with children, depression, overcoming childhood traumas, weight-loss, death of a loved one, understanding near-death experiences, and other major life events. Others feel a calling for something more in their lives and want to discover their life’s purpose or how to bring their own unique gifts to the world. And then, there are some who simply enjoy the vibrational experience of speaking with The Council about things as simple and enjoyable as planting flowers or painting rocks.


Your sessions will be packed with information from the Guides as well as my own intuitive insight and observation.

Are experiencing change or challenge, looking for a new direction; need a fresh perspective of your circumstance or need insight into an issue you cannot see clearly for yourself?


These sessions are perfect for guidance on your relationships; how you can open up to deeper levels of abundance, health, healing work, career or creative endeavour; or find new ways to expand the expression of your unique gifts and talents.

During your session you are encouraged to ask questions directly with the guides– the Arcturan or Sirius Collectives. You may ask about any area of your life—nothing is off limits!


You will be able to recognise and uncover beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing the life you desire. You will gain a better understanding of your current circumstances including relationships that will help you identify and heal issues, conflicts, and patterns from the past that are holding you back in your now. You will experience tangible and profound shifts in energy that bring new insight, empowering you in moving forward with a renewed sense of clarity, connectedness and creative expression, together with a deeper understanding of your Soul purpose. 

A Personal Channelled Session @  A$15O

I Channel for clients worldwide who come from diverse backgrounds ranging from therapists, coaches, artists, business people, social evolutionaries, even other channels and healers.

3 x Sessions To be used within a 3 month period @ A$375

Each of us has a unique, yet interconnected calling–a Divine, Soul Blueprint–that we are called to fulfil. This calling is our ‘spiritual path’. The embodiment and unique expression of our Soul purpose—is our life purpose. The way of uncovering this can be confusing and frustrating, especially if we are having experiences that we have not yet found a context for.