Close Encounters Conference

Our ‘Multi-Dimensional Reality’ – A Perspective from Sirius

Join Carole and the 9th Dimensional Sirius Collective for a Close Encounter of the inner kind…

We are living in extraordinary, fast changing and expansive times. Our desire to live more consciously and harmoniously with our fellow travellers of all shapes and sizes as well as with Earth and the wider Cosmos drives us to keep exploring and expanding beyond what is known.

In this, we are most importantly evolving our awareness from the inside out!

Join Carole for a unique experience as she channels a 9th Dimensional Sirius Collective whose primary message is that we are all unique and interconnected aspects of an infinite, abundant, ever expanding yet singular Multi-Verse.

Our focus will be on activating our inner knowing and conscious awareness of our multi-dimensional nature. This allows us to reach new and powerful perspectives for co-creating more harmonious and sustainable relationships and community of life on our planet.

We then no longer hold the misperception that other dimensional Beings; ‘alien’s or ‘extra terrestrials’ of any description are completely disconnected from us. Our Galactic family is already interacting with us. Whilst the ordinary mind only looks for external physical signs of extra-terrestrial presence; only looking outward overlooks what may be manifesting within our own inner worlds.

‘Close Encounters’ happen first on the inner plane. Contact and disclosure are first and foremost a deeply personal journey for each one of us. When we own, accept and know it to be real for ourselves whatever that looks like, then we no longer need to search for and rely only on empirical, external proof.

Carole will directly [trance] channel a communication from the 9th Dimensional Sirius Collective. These Beings are wise, witty and have a wonderful sense of humour. Many report that it is like speaking with dear old friends.

Participants will receive an ‘other-dimensional’ perspective and experience different frequencies of consciousness. There will also be a channelled ‘Language of Light’ activation of Light Codes already existing within your multi-dimensional blueprint, which will also help you to integrate and ground your experience. If time permits there will also be a Q & A segment.