Circles of Transformation-Live & Online

A powerful ‘Circle of Transformation’ for you to explore, expand and connect more deeply with who you truly are and came to be!


When like-minded people gather in a circle with shared intent something magical happens. It is my joy to witness many receive such profound insights, wonderful ah-ha moments and deep healing. Join me as I channel ‘Angelic and Galactic Frequencies of Light’ ( my Team of Guides ) and receive their expanded, universal  perspectives on our vast potential for healing, self-empowerment and transformation in these fast changing times. 


These Guides exist beyond our limitation boundary. They see us in the light of our full potential and offer a far greater perspective of our true selves than our ordinary minds could possibly conceive of. They support us in connecting with a deeper, greater part of ourselves, hence an expanded version of our reality. This activates us to access an aspect of ourselves that is already in existence which is why connecting with the Guides can and does feel so familiar.


You will experience a deeply activating channelling session that will offer a greater awareness of your highest potential for living a life filled with greater peace, abundance, health, wellbeing and more connected relationships.


Are you feeling the energies of 2020 calling you to explore, expand and move beyond what you have previously known?

This inner calling can be a subtle frequency, yet it is a powerful force, that calls us to grow beyond our current limitations and boundaries to have a greater vision for our lives. A vision that can feel beyond our capabilities, even daunting and also one that feels exciting and exhilarating. 


To  anchor that which we desire and envision for our life we need to align with the whispers of Soul, the divine architect if you will, and call on the full power of creation that lies within it.


We each have a unique highest potential for this life, a Soul path or calling that we are here to express. This ‘uniqueness’ is the gift we bring to this world and as we embrace this and live from a deep connection with Soul we align with a life direction that is inspired, expanded and in the flow.


‘As you expand your perspective of ‘who you are’ you will find that you experience increasing levels of creativity and empowered self-expression that allows you to lead the deeply meaningful and fulfilling life you came to live.’           Sirius Collective 



Wednesday 4th March 7pm-9.30pm

Ka-Sa Crystal Healing Centre 

Cost: $40


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Thursday 30th April 7pm-8.30pm

Online Via Zoom 

Cost: $25

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Join us to experience…

A powerful channelling session that will offer a greater awareness of our highest potential for healing, self-empowerment and transformation in these fast changing times.

 Powerful Sound Healing and Light Language Activations offering a multi-dimensional experience that will shift your vibration to receive higher frequencies within your being

♦ The Guides expanded perspectives on how we can navigate challenges, shift limiting beliefs with practical guidance on ways to create positive change and live a life of peaceful empowerment

An expanded awareness of your Soul connection and inner guidance 

♦  Whilst the channelling will be directed to the group, personal interaction in Q&A time, offers all participants the opportunity to interact directly with the Guides

An MP3 recording of the channelling is included and will be sent to all participants via email 



In these intense and fast changing times our connection with other vibrations, frequencies and Inter-Dimensional Beings allows us to explore other perspectives for our world. And it is so much fun! As we begin to see beyond our eyes, into realms of existence beyond the linear mind, this expands our awareness, deepens our connection with self and others and opens up new and greater possibilities for a more expanded life experience.


Each ‘Light Being Collective’ I channel has a unique voice, frequency and purpose. As they share their expanded perspective, guidance and healing frequencies many say it is like having a profound conversation with wise and dear friends. This offers a truly heartfelt experience as they speak intimately and directly to the group energy on the power that dwells within each one of us lighting the way for an expanded way of being. I invite you to explore what this means for you, Carole ♥


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