Channelled Events include a channeled teaching from collectives of the ‘Sirius’ and ‘Arcturan’ frequencies. They have much sacred knowledge, revelation and wisdom to impart  in a frequency of love and service. Sharing perspectives and tools for personal healing and our highest potential for co-creating a more harmonious enlightened world.  

Whilst channeling is directed to the group, an interactive Q & A segment allows participants to ask questions of the Guides directly and receive personal answers. Themes include: self healing, relationships, abundance, creativity, community, communication, technology and more. Some say it feels like having a chat with wise and loving old friends.The intimate conversation with these Guides offers tangible, practical guidance that will support you in exploring new possibilities and transforming and achieving your life vision

Fantastic, other-worldly, surreal, brilliant, mind-blowing, incredible divine messages. Thank you! Has given me many incredible new perspectives to look at ‘everything’ from.TK-Melbourne 

You will also receive Sound Healing Activations to upgrade and support you in shifting to a higher vibrational frequency, this is often tangibly felt by those present. Some participants have shared experiences of shifts into expanded states of being, having spontaneous realisations, even connecting consciously for the first time with their Guides.  A digital recording of the channeling will be available free to participants.

It was a delight to hear and receive the clarity, warmth and wisdom from your guides. It felt as if I was in the company of friends who cared deeply for me. It has given me a much higher perspective on my life path and relationships and I feel greatly uplifted and positive about the future.  A Solomon – Bowral 

However much in tune we are with our Inner Guidance there is always untapped potential waiting to be activated. We are always being called to expand. Our Inner Guidance is our life line–the key to alignment with our Soul presence and our expression of its purpose. By activating deeper levels of the power of this alignment we are taken on an infinite journey of endless possibilities. 

If you are feeling called to connect more deeply to your unique  channel of inner guidance please register your interest. I am very excited about the potential for these workshops and look forward to having you join us if you feel called.


 2018 calendar of events and workshops will be posted soon

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