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  Fantastic, other-worldly, surreal, brilliant, mind-blowing, incredible divine messages. Thank you! Has given me many incredible new perspectives to look at ‘everything’ from.TK-Melbourne 

Group gatherings are a unique opportunity to experience Channelled Wisdom and Healing Activations as Carole and her

Team of Galactic Guides’,Collectives of the Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies, share universal perspectives for personal healing, 

self- empowerment and transformation. 

Whilst channeling is directed to the group personal interaction in Q&A time offers all participants the opportunity to ask questions of the Guides directly and receive personal answers.

It was a delight to hear and receive the clarity, warmth and wisdom from your guides. It felt as if I was in the company of friends who cared deeply for me. It has given me a much higher perspective on my life path and relationships and I feel greatly uplifted and positive about the future.  A Solomon – Bowral 

Saturday 10th November


Box Hill South ( private address will be given when booking )


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Wednesday 21st November 


Ka-Sa Crystal Healing Centre 

125 Edgevale Road, Kew 


“It is all about loving yourself and being in love with the being you truly are.”–Sirius Collective

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Wednesday 28th November 


Simply Natural Therapies

41A Tunstall Square

East Doncaster

How do you stay true to yourself in these intense and fast changing times as the gap between your perception and that of those around you, widens?

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Learn how your inner guidance shows up as a tool for greater awareness and creative expression. This full day workshop will support you in awakening to and unlocking deeper levels of your inner guidance and into the heart centred frequency of your Soul presence and Purpose.


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