Frequently asked questions

                                   Frequently asked Questions
♦What kind of questions can I ask?

It is ideal to have a clear intention and to have your key questions written down. Also be open to receive other information on the most relevant aspect for your growth. Sessions are interactive and require your participation.Your questions can be about any area in your life. Nothing is off limits! It is wise to spend some time beforehand asking yourself what you would most like to have answers for. Be specific rather than general. For example: ‘I am having this particular issue in my business / relationship/ health etc; how can I best address/ resolve this? We will cover a lot of ground in the session so it is important to be centred and not have any distractions during our time together.

♦Who do you channel during my reading?

Your questions will be answered directly by the Guides. The Guide/s most appropriate for you and your inquiry will come through. During personal sessions, it is likely that the Sirius Collective, Arcturan Collective or Ishtaria will come through. Information is given by the Galactic Guides. 

♦Is this a psychic predictive reading?

No. Our ‘futures’ are always dependant on the ‘now’ and the choices we make. We always have free will, so at best, any ‘prediction’ in any moment in time can only ever be about the preponderance of possibility toward one path; but will never be, the only path. You will receive information that will allow you see a higher frequency potential for your life, and grow in self-awareness and consciousness.

♦Will I receive information from a loved one who have passed over?

Whilst, it is possible that there may be a reference to, or from a loved one who has passed over; and this does happen from time to time, it is not the primary focus.

What do you charge for a personal reading and how do I pay?

A one hour session is A$165. Payments are made at the time of booking. A booking is confirmed when payment is made. You will be directed to PayPal after you have selected your booking time.  A Paypal account is not required to process payments via Paypal.  If you wish to pay by direct deposit please email me and I will send the details

How do I make an appointment?

If you wish to make an appointment, please go to the Personal Channelled Readings Page  or Book Now Page and you will be directed to an easy online booking system. All session times are AEST Melbourne Australia.  Please be sure to check the time difference for your location. Please

If you cannot find a time that suits due to time zone differences  or simply wish to connect please email me

♦Are sessions done in person or via Skype?

Currently all channelled readings are done via Skype or over the phone worldwide. This offers a lot of flexibility, both in terms of time and convenience of location.

Do I call you at the session time?

No, just fill in your Skype details at the time of booking and I will call you at the appointed time.

♦Is the Reading recorded?

Yes. An electronic file (mp3 format) is emailed to you, for you to download, within 2 days of the reading, so you can listen to it again as often as you like. Many say that listening to their recording again offers new insight.The recording is included in the price of the session. Every effort is made to record your session clearly, however you may wish to record it at your end as well.

♦What is the difference between a Channelled Reading and your Mentoring Pogram?

A Personal Channelled Reading is a one off, though many return either for several sessions in a short space of time or as guided. Read more…

With the Soul Centred Mentoring Program, up to a 3 month period, you will have 5 x sessions and also receive energetic and email support between each session unlike a one off session. Read more

♦What is the cost for a Mentoring Pogram? Do you have a payment plan?

 Mentoring is A$880 in full or 3 x payments of $295. Please email for all details