Soul Centered Mentoring

‘The truth is, when you awaken to your Soul aspect and deeper levels of your being you will express who you are more fully in the world.’    Sirius Collective

Do you wish to expand your level of self-awareness and expression beyond the known?


Life can often feel like a mystery. Despite having an arsenal of information and processes gleaned from years of life experience, it can feel as if we are dealing with a ‘tangled ball of wool’ as we try and work through challenges in terms of relationships, direction, abundance and wellbeing.

We are here having this earthly experience to evolve our Soul aspect, to recognise and remember the truth of who we are. Yet, this can feel as if the impossibility of this is too overwhelming—too big a mountain to climb. That is because we are trying to access the truth of this within our limited perception of ourselves—it has to come from outside the limited belief boundaries that we have created.

All is interconnected and when we try and isolate an issue we discover that all manner of things rise to the surface for our attention. This requires an unraveling a step back to view from a wider perspective.

Each of us has a unique calling–a Soul purpose that in our human experience we are called to embody and express. This calling is our unique ‘spiritual pathway’. I know from personal experience how much the path of personal growth can be both exhilarating and painful and that uncovering our calling can be confusing, even frustrating especially if we are having experiences that we have not yet found a context for.

The inner calling is a subtle frequency yet powerful force, that calls us to grow beyond our current limitations and boundaries. As we learn to dance in harmony with this energy we can often struggle to balance our inner and outer world.


Your Soul calling may be showing up in many ways such as:

◊ Struggling to balance your inner and outer world in terms of abundance, relationships and creative expression

◊ Feeling a subtle yet powerful inner calling or yearning to grow beyond your current boundaries

◊ Having dreams, visions or psychic experiences you can’t make sense of

◊ Feeling out of synch with the people around you, even the world in general


My Soul Centered Mentoring Program came about as a natural extension of both my own personal inner work and supporting others on their unique Spiritual Pathway. I realised that everyone is interacting with their own calling in their own way. Yet for everyone there is also a point at which focus shifts from only aspirations of the ‘outer world’ to also paying attention to the ‘inner world’.

You may have already tried more conventional personal growth or coaching programs, however, this is different. It is not linear or performance oriented. Rather it is an invitation to bring your goals and aspirations along with an intention to discover a new and greater level of You!

This Program is dedicated to illuminating a clear pathway forward for you in terms of Soul centred purpose

This is for you to:

◊ Awaken to your Soul Purpose                                                    

◊ Receive insights and realizations about your life

◊ Unlock a deeper knowing of your innate gifts and talents

◊ Awaken to infinitely abundance potential

◊ Transform your relationship with Self and others

◊ Relax into deeper levels of self acceptance and emotional well being

◊ Strengthen your connection with your own multi-dimensional channel of guidance


I decided to start the Mentoring program as I wanted to understand more about my relationships. I had just come out of a difficult relationship and did not want to repeat this again. I am very glad that I took this road because I received such deep insights that not only offered me guidance in this area of my life but in all areas. The practical steps that were offered by Carole and the Guides have been a godsend. I so enjoyed our time together and am so full of gratitude to you Carole for making this available. ( Mary G. USA )

I channel a variety of Higher Dimensional Beings among them ‘Collectives’ of the Sirius, Arcturan and Elohim Frequencies; The Council of 9 and Ishtaria a 9th Dimensional Light Being.

This creates a three way Mentoring relationship between You-Me-and the Galactic Guides. These Guides exist beyond our limitation boundary. They see us in the light of our full potential and offer a far greater perspective of our true selves than our ordinary minds could possibly conceive of. They support us in connecting with a deeper, greater part of ourselves—and hence an expanded version of our reality. This activates us to access a greater part of ourselves that is already in existence, which is why connecting with the Guides can and does feel so familiar.

If you are:

◊ Feeling called to live your unique soul presence and purpose  

◊ Seeking a clearer context for your spiritual path

◊ Desiring to expand and transform your life, abundance and creativity

◊ Yearning for a deeper connection with your own guides

◊ Wanting a deeper level of connected relationship and community



I invite you to immerse yourself in this profound transformational journey. This is an invitation, a sacred space, to receive support as you strengthen your alignment with your highest purpose. An opportunity to unleash greater self expression and creativity in your life. You will get real, tangible results in your relationship with your self, which will permeate every aspect of your life leading to personal growth at a whole new level.

‘I have been having readings with Carole for several years now. The next step for me was her mentoring program.Wow! Am I happy I took this step. I feel lighter and so grounded and have a much clearer understanding of my own healing work. Definitely feeling inspired and worthy of my aspirations. Thank you, thank you! ‘( Jeff, Perth WA )

What this supportive process looks like:

◊ You will have 5 Personal Sessions and each takes place via Skype

◊ Prior to your first session you will receive email support to assist you in identifying your intention and outcomes that you want to receive from the Program

◊ After your first session you will receive a personal channelled meditation/process via digital download to be used throughout our time together

◊ Each session will be (75 mins) usually 2-3 weeks apart. This is set by your intention and schedule

 Each session is packed with information from the guides as well as my own intuitive observations

◊ You will receive an mp3 download of your Session within 48 hours of it. Listening to the recording is a vital step in the Program as you will invariably hear things you missed during the Session

Between Sessions there will be email and energetic support. You will be invited to email me with your own experiences and insights or queries that I will respond to directly. This also sets the intention for your next session

◊ There will likely be other practical steps for you to take that are given during the Sessions.

◊ The final session includes a review, celebration and establishment of your new vision for your life.

The overall Program duration is up to 3 months 

◊ The cost of the program is A$880 in full or 3 payments of $295 


Doing this work with higher dimensional support and guidance is extremely powerful. It is a journey into the ♥ heart of YOU!

If you feel called to explore this unprecedented opportunity, or if you need a chat to clarify if this program is for you, contact me and we can set up a 20 minute call.Carole ♥

“Your mentoring has been a deeply developing and supportive process for me. I have felt an internal shift in letting go of the old version of me. I know it is a process and will take some time to fully integrate the new version. Your program was fundamental to helping me see, understand and experience it ( and much more! ) during this time and into the future. I wanted to thank you again for channelling my sessions and of course many thanks to the Sirius Collective. All your guidance, support, especially reassurance during this process, Carole was much needed and very helpful. I also love and use the personal meditation, which is such a wonderful, precious gift that keeps giving.” ( Joanna – Sydney Australia )