Multi-Dimensional Nature of the Earth

Q: Could you say anything about the MD nature of the Earth? Particularly the idea that the Earth is hollow and that there are other beings, with other vibrations that actually live within the Earth, that seem to be within what seems to be a dimension of the Earth?      

A: Yes, in a sense that is completely correct. And, we will say that if you can imagine, we will say the species, that live within the earth, the core of the Earth, they are one aspect and dimension that the Earth can offer its inhabitants. Now, the Earth herself is evolving into a much higher aspect of the physical realm that is, shall we say, holding the beings upon the planet.

And, this in itself, causes chaos on many levels because, as You would experience within yourselves, when you grow and expand and move to different dimensions of yourself—purely in an aspect of seeing that there is something far greater within you that you wish to experience , you often go through upheavals and expansions within your physical beings, within your mind, within your mental acuity and that can cause great chaos within your being, within the way that you interact with the world.

And, so it is simply that experience is happening for the Earth also, because the dimensionality of the Earth is expanding from the 5th through to the 7th at this moment in time that she in herself has the capacity to hold the 12th Dimension frequency.

Now, that is in flux, whether that is experienced and that may be in your times or eons in the future and yet, that is the capacity. So, let us look at it in the sense, that if you were to look at purely your own physical being and say that you are capable of holding within your frequency, a 9th Dimensional frequency upon this planet.

You are aware of that and yet, at times, can feel out of touch with that.

And, that is what is happening at this moment in time. There is a pull–a gravitational pull–towards a higher dimensional frequency of the planet and that will cause great chaos. Because, if you look at simply the level of molecules, the level of atoms, for them to expand and to withhold within themselves a much higher frequency –the expansion causes chaos.

In a sense there is a lot of talk about the Earth having a twin, a sister Earth, something that is of a reflection of the Earth, but in a sense that is true and not true. Because, in a sense, the reflection is purely the expanded version and it is capable of holding beings that have a much higher frequency. Because, if you can imagine, you both have been talking greatly about other dimensions and ET’s that are of a higher frequency who wish to visit upon the planet—the Earth herself will have to be able hold that frequency. And, in a sense, they will only arrive on a Terra structure that can hold that frequency. Does that make sense?

So we have gone off on a tangent there. Did we answer your question fully?

Q: Are there beings today that exist on other dimensions of the Earth, within in the Earth, the hollow Earth, as in the people of Telos?

A: Yes, absolutely and they are also going through their own transformation, their own ascension process. So, in a sense what may have been perhaps 100 years or 50 years ago is no longer the exact same frequency it has moved into a higher dimension of that frequency.

Many beings that have existed within, inside the Earth herself have now moved out onto the surface. Not necessarily is that a higher transition of their being—it is simply within, on their path of ascension that they then have chosen to be on the surface of the Earth. They are interacting with humans because they are, in a sense, humans also. They have a slightly different energy and frequency and may keep to themselves in a more harmonious way but they are interacting all the same.

So, many of the frequencies as in the, perhaps, elemental beings, they have also advanced their dimensional frequency that they vibrate at. So, they have moved into different aspects of their growth and for some they have moved even deeper into the Earth. And, for some, they are living within the ethereal realms.

So, there is much movement, there is a vast amount of, shall we say, interaction with different dimensions going on within your planet and on your planet —and for those that are closely related to your planet —because there are many beings who have been in close proximity with your planet and been in an observational mode and they are beginning now to integrate themselves into coming fully onto the Earth plane and interacting.

Not in a way that they would be perceived as different but interacting more with you in a very human like manner.

So, in a sense, we are saying there is much to say on this topic and we have given you a general feel for that right now and as time goes on we will definitely deepen each and every conversation and be part of that if that is what you desire.   ( Sirius Collective ) 

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