Personal Channelled Readings

I work with and channel a variety of Higher Dimensional Beings among them ‘Collectives’ of the Sirius, Arcturan and Elohim Frequencies; The Council of 9 and Ishtaria a 9th Dimensional Light Being.  During a personal session, it is likely that Sirius or Arcturan Collectives or Ishtaria will come through and answer your questions directly. Through their guidance you will be able to recognise and uncover beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing the life you desire. You will gain a better understanding of your current circumstances including relationships that will help you identify and heal issues, conflicts, and patterns from the past that are holding you back in your now. You will experience tangible and profound shifts in energy that bring new insight, empowering you in moving forward with a renewed sense clarity, connectedness and creative expression, together with a deeper understanding of your Soul purpose.    

All Sessions are via Skype or Zoom World Wide

A limited number of places are available face to face in Melbourne only


In this 1hr session you will receive crystal clear guidance from the Guides as well as my own intuitive insight and observation in any area of your life empowering you to move ahead with a clear and purposeful sense of direction. This is for when you are experiencing change or challenge, looking for a new direction; need a fresh perspective of your circumstance or need insight into an issue you cannot see clearly for yourself. These sessions are perfect for guidance on your relationships; how you can open up to deeper levels of abundance, health, healing work, career or creative endeavour; or find new ways to expand the expression of your unique gifts and talents.



Three Breakthrough and Transformation Sessions are a deeper dive into exploring new levels of your inner nature and discovering more about ‘who you are here to be’ and your unique way of sharing this in the world. You may be feeling an inner calling to express your unique self in a bold, brave and profound way, yet still feel stuck in a particular area of your life. You may be experiencing repeated patterns of limitations that seem to hold you back from expressing yourself authentically and living a truly abundant and creative life.

Your sessions will be packed with information from the Guides as well as my own intuitive insight and observation. The Guides I work with are multi-dimensional mentors who offer a greater perspective of our true selves. They see us in the light of our full potential- way beyond what our ordinary mind can conceive of. You will save much ‘time’ as the Guides will help you in gaining clarity and illuminating a pathway forward for you in terms of your Soul centred life purpose.

You will have email and energetic support as well as a Personal Sound Healing Activation, together, this will help you in connecting with a deeper aspect of yourself that experiences a more expanded awareness of reality. As you breakthrough and shift deep issues, blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs the way in which you presence and express your unique Soul purpose will be transformed.

What is included:

  • Support in clarifying your intention for the process
  • 3 X Sessions 
  • Email plus energetic support between sessions
  • A Personal Sound Healing Activation

It is generally recommended that your three sessions be at least one week apart and at the most one month apart. Highly recommended to complete the sessions within a three month. In any event the duration of the package will be structured according to your needs and circumstance. Package is good for six months. If a one-time clarity session suits you more you will still experience tangible and profound shifts in energy that bring new insight.




 All Sessions are recorded. You will receive a digital recording via email so you can listen to it again as often as you like. The guidance you receive is timeless. Many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers new insights and revelations. Read about client’s experiences with personal sessions here…

Personal Sessions

♦ 1 hr Clarity Sessions  A$150

Breakthrough and Transformation Package  A$400

When booking the Breakthrough and Transformation Package you need only make the first date and time. We will schedule the remaining times after the first session.