Personal Channelled Readings

A Personal Channelled Reading is a powerful way to receive new perspectives, inspired possibilities and an illumination of a wider vision for your life than you may have imagined possible.

Are you:

Feeling a calling within yourself you are not able to give expression to;

◊ Experiencing change or challenge or looking for a new direction;

◊ Seeking guidance on relationship; abundance, health, career or creative endeavour; or

◊ Searching for ways to express your unique gifts and talents?


Life can be challenging.We all get stuck from time to time, even lose a sense of direction and purpose. Yet we are constantly being called to shift our perspectives and move beyond our limitations. Sometimes we simply need guidance and a view of our life and circumstances that we cannot see clearly and answers that can only come from beyond our imagination. As as we discover those answers and explore deeper levels of our inner nature, we increasingly discover ‘who we are here to be’ and our unique way of sharing this in the world.  

‘The most wonderful and transformational session and I have been loving the space I create now! I have been feeling amazing ever since your channel, so much clarity for me and where I am at. Thanks again.’                                                                          Terri Lovell – The Crystal healing Temple-Mona Vale Aus

I work with and channel a variety of Higher Dimensional Beings among them ‘Collectives’ of the Sirius, Arcturan and Elohim Frequencies; The Council of 9 and Ishtaria a 9th Dimensional Light Being. They are multidimensional guides who offer a greater perspective of our true selves. They see us in the light of our full potential, very differently, to how our ordinary minds can conceive of. 

Your Session is Experiential and what to Expect                                

◊ You are a unique being so each session is a unique personal experience

◊ You will be able to ask your questions directly of the Guides and receive answers on any area of your life. Nothing is off limits!

◊ The Guides will offer their profound guidance in a loving non-judgemental way

◊ Powerful and clear insights that will enable you to reframe what is happening in your life

◊ An expanded context and vision for your life path as an expression of your Soul Purpose

◊ Uncomplicated, tangible and practical ‘next steps‘ 

‘What a beautiful message from Ishtaria and Carole. I recently had a personal session with Ishtaria and I was blown away. I had very specific questions and was seeking specific insight and resolution. It was amazing and I received both and more. If you are looking for clarity, I highly recommend a session with these amazing two Beings. In Light.”                                    Trilby Johnson -The Connective.  NZ

I have been  offering these  transformational  Readings for many years and am constantly humbled and inspired by the tangible and profound shifts that people experience. These sessions offer powerful new perspectives and clear guidance that will empower you in moving forward with clarity and purpose into a new chapter of personal expansion and creative expression. 

Sessions are recorded and you will receive the digital recording via email so you can listen to it again as often as you like. The guidance that you receive is timeless and many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers new insights and revelations.

Sessions are conducted  via Skype or Phone world wide. Please visit my Q& A page for answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can book through my booking system below or email to set up a time. I look forward to being of service, Carole ♥

                                                    1 hour Personal Channelled Reading   A$165 


“I recently had a private session with Carole and absolutely loved the conversation that unfolded with the Sirius Collective who had come forward to connect with me that day. It really was like having an intimate chat with a close friend who happens to have a broader perspective from the top of the mountain and reporting back to me the view while I am making my way up there.

It confirmed what I already felt inside and gave me the opportunity to create more clarity as my questions were answered with very practical suggestions. Not long after our session I was in a situation were I had to make a choice about where I would move. By applying their suggestions to let every choice be informed by supporting my current soul urge to be in an environment that nurtures a deeper connection with my Self rather than basing decisions on practical matters.

Everything just flowed with such ease and grace!  Thank you Carole for being a channel for such loving support. 

Tina van Leuven –Business Coach,Joy Oracle at – Perth Aus