Private Sessions

As a Spiritual Channel and Visionary Intuitive I channel many Inter-Dimensional Collectives of Light Beings representing ‘A Team of Galactic Guides’


If channelling is a new experience for you let me demystify it…

Channelling is the act of communing with Divine nature. It offers much more than just having your questions answered.  As words are a form of energy, channelled information is more than just the words, it has an energy that contains all frequencies at once. Creating a perception shift, a vibration shift and is one of the greatest tools for self-transformation. Although distinct from the person who is channelling, channelled entities, like all beings, are part of the one mind, one heart, and one consciousness that connects us all.


Each Collective who I channel has a unique voice, frequency and purpose in service to the empowerment of humanity. As they share their expanded perspective, guidance and healing frequencies through me you will gain a greater context for your human experience healing the misperceptions of a limited self thus lighting the way for an expanded way of being…


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My Personal Sessions, whether a Channelled Reading or Soul Vision Mentoring are a seamless blend of my intuitive insights, channelled wisdom directly from my Guides, energy healing and mentoring.

Powerful, in-depth and deeply transformational offering a unique experience.




Channelled guidance around any question, concern or circumstance whether it be your relationships; how you can open up to deeper levels of abundance, health, healing work, career or creative endeavour; or find new ways to expand the expression of your unique gifts and talents.







Soul Vision Mentoring is a sacred space, framework and process structured to support and nurture you to shift self limiting perceptions and envision new ways to work through and transcend road blocks, challenges, and transitions in your life.







If you have any questions about a Personal Session or Mentoring please contact me