Personal Sessions

Let not your woes define your future. Your future is defined by your interpretation of each and every moment, your willingness to see beyond that which you think you are capable of. Elohim


As a Spiritual Channel and Visionary Intuitive I offer both intuitive and channelled sessions. A private session promises to be a healing and transformational experience that will empower you with specific insight into your life circumstance.

All sessions (intuitive or fully channelled) offer a greater perspective and guidance into any area of your life whether it be your relationships; how you can open up to deeper levels of abundance, health, healing work, career or creative endeavour; or find new ways to expand the expression of your unique gifts and talents.


♦ Format:  Skype or Zoom (world-wide) or In Person (Melbourne only)

♦ Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 recording via email. The guidance you receive is timeless. Many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers new insights and revelations.   

During an Intuitive Session I connect with you and ‘read’ your energy field. I receive information that will illuminate where you are right now and where you may have issues or energy blocks in terms of beliefs about yourself that no longer support you.

You will experience tangible and profound shifts in energy opening you to connecting more deeply with your innate wisdom. The insights you receive will enable you to move forward with a renewed sense of clarity and creative expression. Inspiring you to connect with new dimensions of yourself that can experience a more expansive awareness of your life experience. 

As you receive answers to your questions you will gain a sense of peace, joy and self-empowerment.


A 60 minute Intuitive Sessions – $A110                     Book a Session                               



I channel a variety of inter-dimensional Light Beings including Collectives of the Arcturan or Sirius Frequencies. A fully channelled session with these guides offers a unique and profoundly insightful, healing and transformational experience. This will save you much ‘time’ and clearly illuminate the pathway forward in terms of your deepening awakening to your true Soul centred life purpose.

After the Guides have spoken through me their insight and message, you can then ask your questions directly to the guides. You may ask about any area of your life–nothing is off limits!

Guidance from these beings who exists outside the limited reality we perceive, offers a greater awareness and perspective of your true self and highest potential. They will offer you a new vision for your life with powerful, clear and practical guidance to empower you in moving forward with a clear purpose in relation to your personal expansion and creative expression and inspire you to experience the purposeful life you most deeply desire.


A 60 minute Channelled Session – $A150                         Book a Session 


This powerful, in-depth and deeply transformational three-session process is tailored to your unique life circumstance and is a seamless blend of my intuitive insights and working directly with the Guides. This offers the transformative healing power to help you recognise and uncover the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that hold you back from experiencing the life you came to live.

This process is structured to offer a framework of focus for specific changes and goals you wish to pursue and experience in your life. Sessions are nurturing, intimate and heartfelt allowing you to receive new dimensions of healing.

My intention through this process is to provide you with specific insight and resolution with a way to explore new levels of ‘who you are here to be’ so that you may have greater alignment with your unique purpose and way of sharing this in the world.

As you receive a more expansive perspective of your life and become familiar with exploring it from a new vantage point you will find yourself connecting with new levels of creativity that empower the expression of your unique Soul purpose.


Sessions: Three sessions at least one week or at the most one month apart

Length: First Session is 90 mins and subsequent sessions are 75 mins 

Format: Skype or Zoom (world wide) or In Person (Melbourne only)

Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 recording via email. Listening to the MP3 recording of the session between sessions is a vital part of the process. 

Support: Email and energetic support is offered between sessions

Bonus: At least one of the three Sessions will include a Signature Sound Healing Activation that will support you in accessing and releasing any feelings of pain, anger and frustration, leaving you with a greater sense of peace, clarity and alignment with your Souls purpose. 


The Three Part Process – $A555                                    Book a Session               

If you have any questions please contact me 

When booking the Three Session MentoringProgram you need only make the first date and time.

We will schedule the remaining times after the first session.