Dear Fellow Traveller,


Some days, it’s hard to be human.


Especially if you are a sensitive someone with an open mind who is committed to your spiritual growth and asking deep questions about your life. You may be following your unique calling. Perhaps you are in the healing arts, a therapist, coach, social evolutionary or conscious Soul-preneur.


Life does not come with an instruction manual. We all try to get into some sort of flow in our lives. Yet, it does not happen nearly as often as we feel it should or as easily as the books we read seem to suggest.


We often walk around feeling a little out of step, constrained and alone, like we are the only one wearing fancy dress at a ‘black tie’ function. It can be a struggle to find meaning and to make sense of our relationships and our place in the world.


We all feel deep down, that there is a greater purpose for our lives and seek to discover it. We try harder or think more positively. But it never really works for long.


Are you yearning to connect more deeply with your true purpose and discover new ways to expand your relationships and authentically express yourself in the world?


My work is guided by 4 core principles.

#1: We are all unique and interconnected aspects of an infinite, abundant and ever expanding Universe

As such, our lives are not fixed–they are forever evolving. I believe we all have the inherent right and power to recreate any and every aspect of our lives


#2: We are never truly separate from our Soul.

I believe the sense of disconnection we feel, is a disconnection from our authentic self, which is our Soul. We suffer an inner critic because we do not realise this. The acceptance we desire but seldom receive from others is really the desire for acceptance from our own selves. As we learn to dance in harmony with Soul, things begin to shift into an unlimited spiral of growth and possibility of Being.


#3: Your Soul Path is unique.

For everyone who has a passion and commitment to spiritual growth and living and expressing this in the world, there is a unique journey. There is no right way for everyone–there is only the right way for you.

#4: Guidance is always available.

I believe that we get stuck in life when we forget the Soul and think that our egoic personality is running the show. From this place, human experience is extremely limited.


Yet, we are never separate from an indivisible all embracing, infinite creative intelligence. Through direct experience I am certain that support and guidance from other dimensions and realms on the ‘other side of the fence’, beyond the limited Egoic mind, is unconditionally available. Even when we feel fearful or overwhelmed there is always a perspective that is beyond fear. We have only to ask!


I recall at one of my  Public Events in which one woman who had not slept for well for over a year and was severely sleep deprived asked directly how she could achieve a good nights’ sleep. In the interaction that followed she was given the reason behind this. She had been unconsciously holding the energy of feeling responsible for and burdened by a belief that she had to fix everything for everyone she knew. The next night she slept for 12 hours straight and reportedly has been sleeping better since.


My own Soul calling has led me to be a visionary intuitive and direct voice channel. This is an ongoing and constantly evolving adventure!


I see my role as a translator in bringing through the profound wisdom that is unconditionally offered by Inter-Dimensional Guides, in a tangible and practical way. My role is to help you see moreto get a much bigger picture and higher perspective than you may have previously imagined. This empowers you to expand and move forward with clarity and certainty and allows new and inspired possibilities and opportunities to come into your life.


My great joy is to support your unique journey of Soul centred transformation. If you are seeking clarity about your true purpose, a deeper level of relationship, greater abundance or would like support in your life direction, vocation, business or creative expression, I would love to assist you.


I offer:

  •      Personal Channelled Readings
  •      Conversations with Galactic Friends via Public Events
  •      A Soul Way Mentoring Program.


Please check out my free Gifts Page as this is a good place to access free transcriptions/audio/video of relevant channellings.

I would love to keep in touch through my ‘Timeless Wisdom’ blog so I can send you the latest channellings, energy updates along with inspiration and offers.

Love and blessings, Carole ♥