Soul Vision Mentoring Sessions

Soul Vision Mentoring is a process beyond where one session can take you, a deeper dive into your life and its potential from a higher perspective.

This is for you if you are feeling an inner calling to be or become ‘something more’ explore deeper levels of meaning and purpose and find new ways to express your authentic creativity.


So many of us who are feeling a calling to live a deeply inspired life, can be sensitive and sometimes feel out of step with the world. Yet it is this sense of calling that drives us to stand in our true power, to be the wise woman or man, conscious awakener, healer, intuitive, channel, creative, artist and by many other names.


Once you awaken to its magic and possibility there is no turning away from its call. From my own ‘spiritual journeying’ over the past 30 years, I know how much courage and commitment it takes to follow one’s inner calling, how challenging and painful it can feel at times to be bold and bravely step out in the world. This is especially so when the gap between our expanding perception and that of others in our world widens… when we feel that the only alternative is to remain in the ‘Spiritual Closet’ so to speak!


Soul Vision Mentoring is a seamless blend of my intuitive insight, energy healing, channelled wisdom and guidance directly from my Team of Galactic Guides’. This is a unique Mentoring experience offering you new dimensions of healing and awareness of your untapped creative potential.

Soul Vision Mentoring offers a sacred space, framework and process structured to support and nurture you. You will find it an intimate and heartfelt process that allows you to feel, meet and release fears, doubts and shift self-limiting perceptions that are inhibiting a more expanded awareness of your greater self and highest potential. 


During our time together you will receive specific insight and explore new dimensions of ‘who you are here to be’. We will envision new ways to work through and transcend road blocks, challenges, and transitions in your life. And you will receive practical next steps that enable you to move forward with renewed clarity and direction. 


As you expand your perspective of ‘who you are’ you will experience increasing levels of creativity and empowered self-expression that allow you to lead the deeply meaningful and fulfilling life you came to live.


There is no right way for everyone – only the right way for you!


All the details…

Soul Vision Mentoring Package 

Format:  Zoom (world wide) 

Length:   Three sessions of 70 mins. It is generally recommended that  they be at least one week apart and at the most one month apart.

Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 recording via email.  The guidance you receive is timeless. Many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers new insights and revelations. Listening between sessions is a vital part of the process.

Support: Email and energetic support is offered between sessions.

Bonus: At least one of the three Sessions will include a Signature Sound Healing Activation that will support you in accessing and releasing any feelings of pain, anger and frustration, leaving you with a greater sense of peace, clarity and alignment with your Souls purpose. 

Investment:   $375 AU                                  

Book a Session              


When booking for the Three Session Package you need only make the first date and time.

We will schedule the remaining times after the first session.

You may Contact me with any questions. Otherwise you may interested in a Channelled Reading





“OMG – I am so excited after my beautiful Skype sessions, Carole truly gorgeous. I am very excited about moving forward with some clarity and a new found inner confidence, about letting go the corporate world’s apron string gratitude and angel hugs from me.”           Vicki Anderson – Founder at


“I have had three Sessions with Carole the first was deeply moving and helped me understand my power as a Light Worker and my mission on a level that others could not explain. I came to understand how important working with the etheric and crystals is for me. I also received activations from another life.  

My second was deeply healing. I was going through a break up and the Guides explained so much to me about the emotional patterns I had running in relation to love.This was deeply healing and brought peace to my heart.

My third  gifted me the well known lesson of ‘your answers are only as good as your questions.’ I came to understand much on the inner–until we understand on the inside no outside words can explain. This was something that for years no one could explain to me.

Ekaterina ( Healer,Author, Coach) St Petersburg


“So enlightening! I have done many courses, read many books and been to endless healers and now this. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can honestly say you and the Guides you channelled in my sessions have given me such clear insight into patterns and beliefs that were holding me back and best of all I understand how I can move ahead with my plans for this year with gusto and courage! Loved it all even the homework.

Highly recommend this process as it is a kind yet powerful boost for anyone who is feeling lacklustre and disillusioned.” J. Spears

” I wish to share with you how thankful I am for the Channeled Session. You have been truly gifted with an ability to bring Higher Guidance through the Council of Nine. I have benefited from their Energy and Wisdom.”

             SoLuna Selina – Medicine Woman & Wisdom Keeper – Nova Scotia, Canada