The Higher Frequency and Resonance of Earth


You have been playing around, with the idea, of frequency and resonance. Well it is that you will find that the Earth herself; is beaming out at another, higher frequency. She is still, the same Earth; but it is just a finer, finer frequency. And it is that, all beings upon the planet, now have to align with that frequency–to become ‘frequency specific’ with being here, on this planet. It is as simple as that–it is not hard!

We are not asking you to turn yourselves, inside out. It is simply that you place your awareness upon alignment and then, it will be so. It is as simple as that. For, if you have the intention, it will happen.

You see, the thing is, there is no Being of Light on this planet or off planet or in the seen or unseen world who can align you with that. We can assist you; but it is you–who aligns you. Because it is your intention; it is simply your intention.

Yes, we will speak about the resonance of this planet. First of all, it has come from within the core of the earth; the centre of the planet. The note has struck within that core and it has resonated outwards. It doesn’t come necessarily from the out and be pushed down. This note we are speaking about, right now, is coming from the very centre–the core of the being of the planet. It is resonating out through all the layers and through all of the dimensions within the planet and throughout every rock and crystal. Every particle of the earth is being washed with this resonance. 

And then it is, that there are other notes surrounding the planet earth that are also resonating at a higher frequency. So, also match those other notes with the resonance that is within the earth and you have a much lighter planet!

The earth is now capable of receiving a much higher quota of light and it is not only for the earth to receive that; every being upon the planet will also receive that within their form as well. It is not possible to not be part of this!

And what does this mean in your day-to-day lives? Well, what it means is, that your own frequency is becoming finer and finer. You will find; for each and every one of you; that your new frequency will resonate outwards and affect the radius around you. First of all to your loved ones, your best friends, your families, your colleagues and work mates and your neighbours and on and on it goes. It is not your job to affect every being upon the planet; but it is your job to acknowledge your frequency and to keep checking that frequency against your being but not against some one else’s frequency.

Do not compare. ‘Oh, for heavens above they can meditate for two hours, they must have a higher frequency’. No, it simply could mean that they are working through pockets and pockets of anger and that is the only way they are finding it possible to sit and have it in their frequency.

You see you cannot compare. Light is light, it is not lighter and lighter, it is light. So do not compare. Only look at yourself and give yourself tasks to fulfil. Only give yourself, levels of frequency to achieve.

Do not look at a loved one–do not look at your best friend and wonder if I am catching up with them–am I being good enough? That is simply not so. It is not possible and it is not necessary for everyone to resonate at the exact same frequency for you all have within your DNA different frequencies. You all have different blueprints and therefore you will all resonate somewhat differently. Perhaps on the same scale; but at different levels of frequency on this plane of existence.

It is about loving your self and being in love with the being that you truly are.

That is what will achieve, for you, the frequency you are after—the frequency of the being who you truly are. That is the frequency you need to join. You do not need to join the frequency of this group over there; or that being over there; or that being in the unseen world; or that form of meditation.

No, that is not so. It is finding that alignment and frequency that matches yours with your Soul essence–with the being that you are. And then it is, that you will find that your body itself will become finer; that your being becomes finer —then you become the crystalline being that you will become.       ( Sirius Collective )