The Nature and Purpose of Channelling

Good evening! We are most pleased to be in your presenceWhat a wonderful group of Entities you are. Truly ‘Beings of Light’; as our dear friend Ishtaria has already spoken about–the ‘Light’ and about the ‘Beings’ that you are. We would like to bask in your beauty, just for a moment–a moment in time to really connect with your energies–and we ask you to do the same with us. So, please breathe in your energy; your essence; your being and then extend that out into the group and see yourselves, as a collective of Beings of Light, as we are.

Just imagine, that your thoughts are connected; as if there is, but one of you. As a thought, you feel it and know it and it is also part of their being–and it is not a thought that is uncomfortable or jarring in any way. It is simply another thought–and yet you are still standing in the essence of who you are. So just imagine that!

There is a lot of imagining going on this evening. So just imagine that you are part of a Collective of Beings of Light–and in the presence of yourself and each other, there is only joy and there is only being. There is a sense of pride, in who you are and a connection with every being.

Even beyond this collective, you would feel connected to every being that ever was. We know that you can imagine that–for it is the truth, of who you are. So you came here this evening to be reminded of that. Not in a harsh way but to remind you of your brilliance. For Light is purely brilliant and that is who you are.

We think it is a fascinating subject; when many ask: ‘How can I channel for myself’?

And the truth is, that you are channeling all the time. Bear with us, for we know you will be saying to yourselves, that you have heard that before. So, come back to that imagining. That you are all part of a Collective of Beings–part of Light and all inter-connected. Breathing; in the Light that is part of you. For, that is what channeling is. It is sitting within silence, within your mind and surrendering to the Light. It is all around you. You are swimming in it.

It is airwaves, it is. We will use the analogy as many people do, of radio waves. There are many radio stations and if you were to hear all of them at once; you would go a little mad! You would say: ‘turn that off. I cannot hear myself think’! And yet imagine as you are sitting here; that there is a tap, tap, tap far away in the distance and you are sitting in your lounge room and reading a book on a lovely sunny day.

And, far away, in another garden, someone has one of those dreadful vacuum cleaners that suck up all the leaves and you feel the noise from far away and as you become aware of that noise, it becomes louder and much clearer and starts to fill up your being.

Now, we have used a somewhat negative analogy. But if you imagine that–‘far away’–and we will use the term ‘far away’–because that is how you perceive it.

Light as information

If you imagine that ‘far away’ there is a Being, a Collective of Beings that are beaming to you waves of energy, waves of Light and within that Light is contained all the information that you wish to receive.

And then it is that, all of a sudden, you become aware of that direction of energy waves–of that very subtle Frequency of Light. And as you place your awareness upon it–it becomes stronger and stronger.

And then it is; that you can receive that energy, for it is like a funnel. It has found a portal to direct itself into. You see all that information as Light, is going on around you all the time. It simply is! It is simply there! And when it is that you do not direct your thought, but rather, place your awareness on that Light; you can find a point, within that energy, that you can connect with, resonate with–at the Frequency that is yours.


Then you have a connection–like a docking system or a plug fitting into a socket. If you do not do that, it is just background noise. It is just energy floating around. And that is simply what channeling is! You put your awareness upon a Frequency that will dock in with yours. Plug in. Connection made! And when the connection is made–that is when you may hear, sense or feel that subtle voice, that is offering you something beyond your knowing–outside of your realm of perception of who you are.

And your first thought is: ‘I must deny that–I do not know what that is’. And so we say that is why it is a very good idea to allow yourself the joy! We do not use the word discipline because that is not connected. Have it be a joyful experience; that you sit with pen and paper; recording machine; paintbrush; typewriter or computer; or whatever else you choose. Make it, 5, or 10 or 15 minutes and say to yourself: I will connect with a Frequency of Light that I resonate with in my being. I will then allow myself to receive the highest levels of Light’ and then see what happens.

You may have a thought or a picture or a sense of knowing and that is when you write it, draw it, express it. And then when you look back, perhaps the next day–you will see perhaps, that is not how you would have spoken; not how you would have written a word; not how you would have drawn a picture or expressed yourself. And then it is that you will know that you have made a connection! Like any relationship, it needs nurturing–loving thoughts and generosity and openness and give and take.


On one level it is as simple as that. You sit down, you open up and you receive and it flows in and the energy starts flowing and as you connect with it–it becomes stronger. It is like when you find a new friend. You firstly kind of edge around; and you meet and you think it is too soon to meet again: ‘I will leave it for a while’! And then all of a sudden down the track you are best buddies, arms around each other, ‘kissy, kissy’ and all of that and ringing in the night! And, that is how it is when you connect with Beings that are of the Frequency of Light that is for you.


You see the Light is the Light. It contains all of the Frequencies; although, you in this body, as this being, would be ‘fried’, if you connected with all the Frequencies. So it is that you do not tune the ‘others’ out you just ‘tune in’ the ‘ones’ that are for you. See–that becomes too complicated. If you start sifting through it, like a bag of old clothes, you will find that you go on and on!


Now, this is not just about channeling–so you can apply this to anything in your life.So, imagine for one minute, that you are sorting through ideas and desires within your being and you are trying to decide which way shall I go? Left, right, up, down or round and about? And then it is that you will find; that if you sit and allow yourself to connect with the Frequency–the Frequency of expansion–you will find that it fits really easily and the answers flow into your being. You do not have to paddle really hard.
And the truth of the matter is that not all channeling looks the way it works for this one [Carole] and it doesn’t have to be this way. This one [Carole] has brought it into her life in this way, for her own expansion. It pushes her beyond what she feels she is capable of doing; but what she connected with firstly; was the Frequency of Light that granted her the expansion. And then it is, that the form that it took, was channeling in this way.

It is sometimes tricky; for you humans seek, yet question–the first or is it the second? For you see, if you seek the thing that you want; does it give you expansion? And then your minds go crazy, trying to decide if this is the right course of action. And yet if you seek first and foremost your expansion, your ever expanding awareness and consciousness of yourself–as the truth of ‘who’ you truly are–the things that come into your life, will offer this to you. And, do not be fooled; for sometimes they do not look that way.

We will say that if you firstly seek the swimming pool or the big boat–the fancy boat– and we are not saying put those aside. We are saying that if you seek those first–it is often a rocky road. And yet if you firstly seek the expansion, then within that expansion, may come, the pool or the fancy boat. Then they may not matter and yet they still may do. And, so it is, that we will say that all ones’ in this room–and we are speaking to each of you just in this moment–are all, more than capable, of channeling your own Divine Beings of Light; for that is who you are.

You are just connecting to a group that is of the Frequency of Light that exists within you and you are then having a continuing conversation. And you are now hearing it; whereas before; it was going on and you were ‘deaf’ to the sound of its melody. We spoke a little before about expansion and about what it means and what it means for you. The truth is that, the entire Universe is expanding!

Never alone

As ‘Earthlings’, you often think that you are the only ‘ones’ that exist, in the entire Universe. And when you perceive that–you do not see the effect you have, on the Whole. So it is that, as the Universe; the entire multi-verse in fact; expands you will be drawn into that expansive energy–that energy that is for expansion. You cannot escape it. It will draw you in, as if someone has taken the plug out of the bath and the bath water is pulled down the drain.

Now, that is your choice; whether you fight it; like a spider on the drain hole, hanging on, trying not to be sucked in; or like that toe when you were in the bath and you flip the plug and choose to put your toe near the drain, where you can feel the drag and the pull of the water.

It is like that with the expansive energy. It will pull you in. So, swim in it put your best costume on and dive in and play and splash around for it is a supportive energy. So breathe it in now. Imagine that you are in it, for you are. We are just saying; ‘imagine’ that you are in it! So, breathe it in.

What is it offering you? Expansion and Frequencies of Light that you may connect with; ways of healing your mind, your body and ways of Being. Just imagine that if you had a malady or quirky pain or disease; and that you connected to a Frequency of Light that offered you solace; that offered you a pain free existence; how easy that would be!

It is as simple as that. There is nothing at all that cannot be outside of the Light. It cannot exist. So all that you need; all that you desire; all that you wish to be–is contained within the Light. It is there–waiting for your recognition, your awareness to be placed upon it. And when you place your awareness upon it, it will expand like sunshine–like a baby’s face, when it looks at you and ponders and you turn and see it smile. The smile is like an explosion of fireworks and that is what it is like.

When you place your awareness on the Light, that has always been beamed your way–it expands and pulls you in; into its loving embrace. So there is nothing outside of that expansion then–nothing you desire, new homes, jobs, relationships etc. There is nothing that the Light cannot offer you.

The messages that come through are always relevant to the Beings that are in the room. There is no question that it cannot answer within you. And that is a lofty remark we know–and yet it is that we can see and know your thoughts. And if you ponder our words and allow them to wash through you, once more, you will find yourself becoming more and more aware of the questions you did not know you had.

You can do it right now

So, we are going to ask you to breathe in and imagine. Imagine a beam of Light that is yours–that is unique to you. Imagine it coming into your Being and, yes, we realise that when you think of your ‘Being’, you think of your body also. So bring the Light into there and allow it to disconnect the beliefs you have within yourself, that hold you back from receiving that, which you know to be the truth of who you are. It is centered within your Being, so therefore you can connect with that centre, within your Being, at any time.

And we are going to say that for some of you this evening; you are going to have wild and fanciful dreams whilst others will sleep softly like a baby. For, it is just not just our words that we have offered–it is also energy. We feel that all of you here are more than capable of what you did not realise you were capable of. And, so it is, that we will always offer our love and blessings to you.

In some ways you have received a deep message within yourself to awaken to the brilliance of who you are. It is always your choice–it is never forced upon you. We can guarantee you; that if you could stand in the presence of who you are; the Frequency of the energy that would hold your being; is far lighter than the energy, that is the fear and grip of denial, of who you truly are. It is far easier; far more joyful and pleasant to stand in the presence of who you are.

So we hold to each and every one of you, a mirror–that you may see your true reflection–and with that, we will leave you to ponder our words. As always, we are joyous in our interaction. We thank you for your time.  ( Elohim Collective )