The 11:11 Phenomenon

We take great pleasure in having another communication for today.

There are many of you who have for some time noticed the number 11 cropping up again and again in all sorts of apparently unrelated moments and circumstances. Perhaps this has been looking upon a digital timepiece or instrument and seeing the numbers 11:11.

We have long ago planted the seed of remembrance into the 11:11, for this is a call of awakening. As many have been impulsed by the use of digital recognition of the numerical template we do say that in the same way you will now also be impulsed by the 12-12 as representing the new template of awakening.

We do not say that you will no longer see the 11:11 for it will always hold and be a strong signal for you. In these times of great change it serves you well to anchor your focus upon a particular point in time–not as something you are striving for but to pay homage to that which you desire.

For you see if you do not pick a point and then decide upon this point and what it is you will have activated within yourself by then it can sail past you without a thought to the purpose you could have assigned to it.

So you see you can then say that by 12-12-2012 you will have reached a stage in your evolution were you no longer deem it necessary to dress your magnificence up in a particular parcel that you perceive will be more acceptable and palatable. In other words a parcel which you perceive others will find to be more acceptable and comfortable.

For if the truth really is to be known, it is only you who decides the acceptability or otherwise of your gifts and talents and only you who puts a lid on them. So what you could in fact aspire to is the loosening of the lid on your jar of gifts and talents and enable the lid to be taken off completely.

To allow the fullness of your multidimensional being sounds lofty—yet we say why not? Why keep the lid on your being? What does that serve? Only you can pop your own lid!

We have seen that to bring through higher dimensions and vibrational aspects of your greater Self requires firstly a belief that this can happen. Secondly, as it does, your experience of this reinforces the belief that it can. You then allow yourself a larger transaction; and on and on it goes. Yet what often happens is a push pull within yourself of…’Yes I believe’ … ‘Oh no, I don’t! … ’Oh why me? …. Oh why not me… blah de blah de blah!

So what would happen if you were to pin point what you think is beyond your reach? Imagine putting yourself there now–without all that mental pushing and pulling. Do you think that you would be any less able to activate the gifts and talents within yourself without all the drama?

Well, we invite you to try it! You want better health; to paint a picture; sing a song; write a book–you want a business and clients; a new job; relationship or place to live or any other variations of desires. We speak of these as most relevant.

See that if you stand within the energy of having received that in your life it will activate within you the ability to achieve this time and time again. So did you need to walk a long road to get there? No all it took was just to stand in that point now.

For you see there is no need to walk many roads to reach your true desire for they only contain more of the lessons you have already given yourself time and time again. Learning a lesson is all about time–time to learn–time to put yourself through it again and again.

This time is no longer about learning yet another lesson—it is about remembering who you are in truth.

Declare that ‘I have learnt them’ and by doing so I am now in a position to receive the highest activation of my divine truth in this moment. Feel the difference in the vibration of energies.

Remembrance is about recalling that which is already there–that which you have already learnt. It is about implanting that truth in the now and being and living that, from this moment on.

11/11 is sometimes called Remembrance Day’ without credence to the truth of what this means. War glorified and remembered as a wondrous way to become a hero over time is a self sabotage of the highest order.

Imagine if you could call unto yourself all that that you truly are; do you think you would need a day to mark in your memory that which you are definitely not?

We know that you do not sabotage yourself in this way and yet you must remember and relive that which you have forgotten is no longer the truth.

So, be bold be brazen. Become now who you truly are. There is no waiting.

You once thought that 11-11-11 was a lifetime away and yet it is that 12:12:12 is here and never for one moment did you consider back then where it is that you stand on this day.

So you do not have to spend another lifetime in receiving in slowness that which you truly desire to be. The becoming is now.

In love and Light we shower you and all who read these words. Our fiercest love for your quest for freedom and yet we say you are free. The shackles have long gone only notice where you think they still exist to keep you in darkness. You are the brightest of lights that shine upon the Planet for all to see the truth that lies within.    ( Ishtaria 9th Dimensional Light Being )