What is Soul? What is Destiny?

It is with great pleasure that we are now together again as you see that togetherness. We can see that you are opening yourself up to receive our impulsing and to take notice of that small, soft voice within. And, as you give it your attention it will not only become louder but become clearer and feel stronger at all times for you.The Light contains the whole and the whole contains the Light. Neither can be separate just as you, in actuality, cannot be separated from that which you desire to be. Your restlessness comes partly from the inherent lack of knowing who you are and that then disables you in a sense to express yourself fully in the world.

Is it not true that you wish to find your greater Self and the seemingly missing aspects of you? It is that you want to give yourself permission to be fully present to whom you are and to extend that outwards in a way which feels familiar and enables you to cast joy not only for yourself but also for others?

The sense of belonging is within you and yet you do not feel aligned with it. This forces you to seek it out–looking for it and longing for it. It resides within you and as yet you have not been able to ignite it within you thus claiming your search is over. Your desire to belong–and also then, not to belong–are opposing forces. You force them into a battle within yourself that you feel no one can win. Yet when you decide that the sense of belonging that you desire, springs from a joining with your greater Self—your Soul–your search will be over. For, with that will come a sense of purpose that until now has to some extent, evaded you.

Your purpose in life comes from an alignment with your destiny–a destiny that is linked to who you truly are. When you know who it is that you truly are your destiny automatically reveals itself. Your destiny becomes the ‘how’ aspect of how you wish to express yourself in the world.

Your destiny does not wait for you, it waits for your purpose to reveal itself and then your destiny becomes the vehicle for its expression.

Your confusion in all of this comes from the errant belief that it is not possible to live your destiny unless you know what it is and this is the irony of the nature of destiny. Unless you are fully in it, it will not necessarily reveal itself to you! So the destiny is the doing of the purpose and that purpose will always be that which the Soul has in safe keeping for you.

The key to unlocking these mysteries of life is to realise you belong so to speak to the Soul and its destiny is the expression of it through the physical representation of its pure essence. Each Soul has a blueprint like fine wiring. As each being is an aspect of the whole. It is not possible for two Soul expressions of to be exactly the same. So you have been looking for sameness a way of fitting and blending in, yet it is your unique qualities that allow you to express your Souls purpose.

We will make it simple for you. The Soul wishes to express its divinity through the physical expression of itself and the way to have that flow through you is for you to align yourself with the knowing that you are Soul expressing through you. Then the road becomes clear and as you step on it, it becomes your destiny, which paradoxically, you were always on anyway!

It is that–just like magic–it appears right before your eyes as you see yourself as this divine expression of Light playing with all the other aspects and expressions of it.

If your heart is showing you the way, that is the way for you to go. There is no other thing to do than express that which is in you. Laughter is within you; joy is in you; wisdom, truth, love, expression, fun, spontaneity, feminine, masculine. All this and more is in you and this is what you are wishing to express.

Your pain only comes from looking at the form and worrying about its effect on others. If you truly express that which is from the heart–you will feel and act fantastic. If others do not pick up on this it will not matter to you for you will be in your heart expressing that which is there and the lack of acknowledgement from others will not affect you in any way.

Once you know in your heart that which is desiring to be expressed—you must do so. If you don’t you will find that affecting you and others and you will find yourself feeling disembodied from your path and your main focus will be in trying to again discover that path—thus creating a circular life of seeking and not finding.

We have said much today in very few words. We will allow you to ponder your destiny. You will always live some aspect of your destiny yet it is so much more fun to be in the conscious awareness of it and really be along for the ride. Be prepared to ponder this and we will certainly be open to receiving your reply whatever that may be. Declare your alignment with it and all manner of things will unfold for you. If not, it is like being on a guided tour and sitting in your hotel room missing all the exciting events and moaning that there wasn’t much on offer from your point of view. You have paid and signed up for all manner of miraculous events. You just need to turn up and let them unfold.

For now we take our leave in service to you always and with grace and wisdom.( Your brothers and sisters of a Collective of the Elohim )







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