You are in a field of consciousness that is vastly changing.

There is a lot of heaviness on the planet at this time. A lot of feeling as if the energy is compressed and compressing and pushing down on each individual upon the planet and that can feel as if you are tied. Really held down as if you cannot move and that is not the truth. 
It is about really absorbing the energy and being with that however it feels and that can feel as if you are trapped. But really it is your own–and we say this with kindness—it is as if you are trapping yourself in a cage that you do not need to.

Because it is simply energy that you are calling down and you are expecting it to be lighter and you are feeling as if things aren’t changing quickly enough. And, yet, we can say from our vantage point, they surely are. So, in a sense it has to be that there has to be more patience for yourselves and for the great cosmic dance that is going on.


You are in a field of consciousness that is vastly changing. It is morphing itself into all manner of layers and bringing its multi-dimensional layers down into the physical. So, in a sense, you cannot expect for it to be an easy ride at this time. But it is, your mind, solely your mind that determines how it is that you cope or not cope with this.

You are not being flung about by energies that are ‘outside’ and wrecking havoc upon your planet and yourself. You are simply within those moving energies and it feels as if it is a tough ride.

Now, if you are on a merry-go-round as you said to yourself-“this is exhilarating and fun and it is a tough ride” -you would have a whole different experience from one in which you are hanging on and you are terrified.

So, you are simply changing one idea for another and then it is that you will find that the energies will start to dissipate and feel familiar and then it is that you can really pull them into your physical being and anchor and ground that into the Earth and then it is that you will feel much lighter.

In a sense there is an exchange for this period. You are going through this period in time to be able to hold and anchor within your beings the energy that is being offered. And that is your exchange. And as you do, and as you bring incrementally into your being the new, well in a sense they are not new energies, they are energies that you are familiar with –because they are activating within you –within your latent DNA –parts of your being that you are familiar with.

And when this is happening, you feel on some level, as if you are activating and connecting with something that is new and outside of you and being done to you, but in truth that is not so. You are simply re-activating the memory and within the memory your being will know exactly what to do with these energies because they are familiar. So, in a sense, you can sit back and allow your memory, your remembrance, of these energies to take over. And, by doing this you enable yourself to flow with the energy more, to really activate within yourself, something that is beyond your stretching point and you will feel as if it is so familiar—as if you have been there before and it will not in any way, shape or form, be fearful or something to turn away from. You will find it exhilarating and most joyous.  ( Arcturans ) 

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