Your Life Matters

It is all too well to say that your journey upon this earth has little merit in the larger scheme of things. Yet this is very far from the truth. If you could see how it is that you and you alone, have an effect upon the entire cosmos, you would be left in little doubt of your magnitude.

Let us proceed from this standing point–that this is so and it is an error of judgment to see it as anything less than so. The magnitude of your magnificence ripples out affecting every particle of matter. For is it not true that if you did not exist, the world would not be as it is? For your flavour and yours alone will bring forth a unique mix that, in a way, creates the whole–so that if you extracted your essence, the whole would not be as it is.

Now from a negative aspect you might say that there are many reasons to wish that some or many aspects of your world could be extracted from the recipe and yet it is that we wish to offer that all is in perfection. It is not trivial to offer this. Rather it is the acknowledgment that in your world, each ingredient that makes up the whole is relevant and crucial.

For is it not that without the many realms of reality that you wish to experience here upon this Planet you would not have the life experience that is the greatest evolution of your Soul?

Let us look at this for a moment, and be prepared with an open mind to the generosity of Spirit that is your Soul to have highlighted for you the experiences that are of the greatest benefit to you in this evolution. Each ingredient of the whole is relevant. Yet as you refine and refine the recipe, you will find that you will need less and less of many of the ingredients and they will be replaced with lighter and more relevant aspects for you to enjoy.

Let us say that if you perceive evil in your world you may also be inclined to choose to see that evil is only a reflection of a being that is, in that moment, far removed from their Soul–from the being that they truly are. This offers to you a reminder, if you so choose not to fight its existence–an opportunity to align yourself deeper to who you truly are. And, as you execute and accept this alignment for yourself, the effect of this ripples out and assuages the very notion of evil within you. Then it is that evil no longer has an appeal for you and you will find a way to create your mix of ingredients without that one, thus creating a far lighter and Light filled experience for yourself.

It is never wise just to deny or omit, for you will always have to replace what it is you deny or take away. ‘Fear’ and ‘darkness’ with ‘Love’ and ‘Light’. It is as simple as this–really! Once you recognise within yourself the parts that you no longer desire to have as your main ingredient of existence, you will only desire to have them replaced with a lightness and generosity of Spirit that did not exist at this level before. And when it is that you accomplish this, you–as an ingredient of the whole–becomes brighter and more influential on the impact of your true existence.

Simply put, when you wake up to your magnificence and how that has impact, you will see parts within yourself that you wish to replace. Not because they are faulty, but rather because you wish to replace them with parts that correspond more keenly with your magnificence.

Waking Up

This is truly what is meant by ‘waking up’. For when it is that you are asleep you will find that no aspect of yourself is relevant to the whole. Yet, when you awaken to your greatness--you will not wish to rid yourself of anything! No, you will wish only to focus upon the greatness that exists within you, and by doing so you will find that the parts that you no longer wish to align with become irrelevant and inconsequential. Once there, it is impossible to turn back and feed yourself ingredients that offer less.

Anything that offers you less than the pure acknowledgment of your magnitude and magnificence is less than you desire. So let it go and know that it can only be replaced with a much higher perspective–a higher frequency of Light.

It is that we always enjoy this interaction and the lighting of the Light within you that offers you your pure reflection. Your magnificence is grand. So be bold, brazen and bent on finding and seeing only this magnificence within yourself–and then you will offer this, and more, to the entire Cosmos.

And as you, more and more express our words, you will find yourself aligning with the truth of who you are at deeper levels and you will find yourself living a life that reflects this. ( Always, with our love and blessings, your Elohim friends -June 2013 )