Hi I’m Carole, I am so glad you have stopped by!

 My mission and purpose as a Channel and Mentor is to support fellow Spiritual Seekers and Healers to rediscover and reconnect with greater levels of self-empowerment and creative power. To save you much time in ‘joining the dots’ and illuminating a clear pathway forward in terms of an expanded vision for living your Soul’s purpose.

Through the many years of communicating with my Team of Galactic Guides’ that include Collectives of the Elohim, Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies, the Council of 9 and ‘Ishtaria’ I have no doubt that we are all inherently inter-connected and have many friends in this fascinating Cosmos that we are part of.  And as we explore other dimensional perspectives we begin to see beyond our eyes, into realms of existence beyond the linear mind. This offers a vastly expanded awareness of the potential of our human experience.


These Guides have much to impart to the Earthly realm by way of spoken wisdom and healing activations. Whilst each offers a unique perspective and message their common intention is to be of service to humanity, to support us in shifting our vibration, discover a deeper connection with Soul thus our inner guidance to be more able to live from a place of peaceful empowerment and creativity.   It is my heartfelt intention that you find something here that speaks to your heart, Carole