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Hi, I am Carole and I am so glad you have stopped by!

I am a clear and concise Channel for several Councils of Light who I affectionately call my ‘Team of Guides’ . They include the Elohim (an angelic frequency); ‘Ishtaria’ (A Light being); the Sirius’ and ‘Arcturan’ Councils and the Council of 9’ 

Whilst each offers a unique perspective and message their common intention is to be of service to humanity, to support us in shifting our vibration, discovering a deeper connection with Soul, through which we are more able to live from a place of peaceful empowerment and creativity.

My mission and purpose is to support fellow Spiritual Seekers, Healers and Wayshowers to rediscover and reconnect with greater levels of self-empowerment and creative power.

To save you much time in ‘joining the dots’ and illuminating a clear pathway forward in terms of an expanded vision for living your Soul’s purpose.

It is my heartfelt intention that you find something here that speaks to your heart, Carole     

It is we the Elohim we are so, so pleased to be here. We are Beings of Light. We are beings who simply want to share our experience of expansion. We are beings who give voice to that expansion to help you as human beings who are living, in what appears to be a separate reality. We want to give voice to that knowing, that experience within each and every one of you, that it is simply about tapping into the Divine realm….

Mentoring for Healers, Creatives & Wayshowers 


You know that you are here to fulfil a purpose and you have a desire to share this with the world.

Whether you know exactly what that is or are still in the revealing of it you can feel a calling within you that is desiring full expression.

My Mentoring program is a powerful transformational tool that will support you in clearing limiting beliefs that have prevented you from living more congruently and in greater vibrational alignment with your Soul’s purpose. Now is the time for you to shine your Light!


Next -Open to Channel Mentoring Course 

Six Week Online – Starts Tuesday 21st September 2021

Now is the perfect time to learn to consciously connect with your unique inner guidance system – your unique way of opening to channel higher frequencies of knowledge that will allow you to access higher levels of consciousness and wisdom!

The extraordinary times that we are living in are powerfully ‘pushing’ each one of us to go deeper into the truth of who we truly are.  These fast changing and expansive times are calling us to be or become ‘something’ more than we perceive, to explore deeper levels of meaning and purpose and discover new ways to express our authentic creativity.

Next Online Group Gathering – Tuesday 29th June -2021

Reconnecting with the Heart of Lemuria

Lemuria was a ‘time’ when our intuition, healing abilities, connection with Nature and interconnection with the All of the Universe was highly regarded as being central to our life experience.

As we begin to shift through enormous challenges and potentially into a new evolution of human consciousness we have a deep need to reconnect with this way of being to bring the Lemurian way into our lives now!

To enable healing of all that is not whole, to embody and live our passion and express the creative power of the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

If you are feeling called to reconnect with a deeper sense of purpose and co-creative life experience come join us in this powerful Group Gathering as we reconnect with the Lemurian Heart Frequency!

We wish to bring to the table a deeper, richer experience of the truth that each human upon this planet has a mission.
And, no, it is not to save the world, it is without a doubt, to experience themselves in the fullness of their truth.
It is now time to have your focus be on the inner world, to be in the inner world while you are experiencing the outer world.
This will be a unique journey for everyone. ( Sirius Beings of Light )

Personal Channelled Readings

Are unique, transformational and deeply healing. Perhaps unlike anything you have experienced before!

Whether you are new or familiar with channelling, looking for answers to your many questions and a more expansive vision for your life then a personal session is perfect for you!

Some Love...


I listened to my recording last night.  It was just beautiful.   The energy was so embracing, loving and wise and it felt as present as if you were sitting in the room with me.  I found myself crying through much of it, an emotional release I suppose, to hear the guidance and information I received.

How wonderful to be able have a reading that I can listen to again while  sitting in my PJ’s at 10 o’clock at night – that’s what I call convenient!!  The Elohim are brought through so beautifully by you and I really appreciated you taking the extra time to get me set up to be in the best space to receive it.

Your service and integrity contributes hugely to the energy of such a special reading.  The recording link was easy to download thanks, and now it is safely on my computer. Thank you!  Kathryn – Sydney Aus

Some Love...


I attended your recent event at the Awareness Institute, and wanted to say a big ‘thank you’! It was a delight to hear and receive the clarity, warmth and wisdom from your guides.

It felt as if I was in the company of friends who cared deeply for me. It has given me a much higher perspective on my life path and relationships, and I feel greatly uplifted and positive about the future. Many thanks also for sending the audio file link straight after, so I can listen to the message again.

A.Soloman – Bowral NSW


Some Love...


The most wonderful and transformational session, and I have been loving the space I create now! I have been feeling amazing ever since your channel, so much clarity for me and where I am at. Thanks again.                                                                          Terri Lovell – Sydney Aus

Some Love...


It was such a pleasure to be in the presence of your beautiful energy at the workshop on Saturday. I enjoyed the compelling presentation of the scientific/spiritual connection, as well as your gentle words of wisdom, and of course the channelled Light Being’s messages of love and healing. I felt as if I had spent time in the presence of angels.

I truly felt a real shift in my energy and closer connection to myself as a Soul being, and a clearer separation of my (ego) disconnected state. I very much enjoyed spending the day listening to all that was imparted, and spending time with the other lovely souls participating. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next one! Namaste,  Julia – Melbourne, Australia

Some Love...


Dear Carole,I finally read your ebook! I am sorry it took me so long to read! I just woke up this morning and it was the first thing I thought of, and I got up early to read it, must have needed to! Lately I have felt a bit disconnected and it is mainly to do with being so busy with everything that is going on – new job and wedding etc.

I keep getting the message that everything is perfect and that I am where I am meant to be and to keep reminding myself of this. I have gone through a lot of growth to get to where I am, so what I got from your book is to now ENJOY myself!

What really stuck out for me in your book is to focus on the Soul, not the ego and things become clearer. And to ask myself “what is my purpose ?” When I ask myself that, I am acknowledging how far I have come, I feel happy with who I have become and the work I now do and I can see what I need to do to feel more connected – which includes incorporating my art into my life!     Alisha- Melbourne Australia

Some Love...


Thank you so much for your insightful newsletters and updates. They are always so spot on and never cease to enlighten me and lift the spirit.  Anne- Astrologer 

Some Love...


OMGoodness! – I am so excited after my beautiful Zoom session, Carole truly gorgeous. I am very excited about moving forward with some clarity and a new found inner confidence, about letting go the corporate world’s apron strings.” gratitude and angel hugs from me. Vicki  


Some Love...


I wish to share with you how thankful I am for my Channeled Session. You have been truly gifted with an ability to bring Higher Guidance through the Council of Nine. I have so benefited from their Energy and Wisdom.

SoLuna Selina – Nova Scotia, Canada


Some Love...


Carole gave me the most insightful reading that it took me a couple of days to process. I was at a cross roads in my business. My business partner had left and I was undecided on whether to carry on. I love the fact that I have a recording to listen to it again and again.

I found the session was so powerful and so spot on. I didn’t say much because I was fearful of leading it. She just tuned in and gave me such valuable insights. She then brought through her Guides and thsi was extremely enlightening.

I can highly recommend Carole and her Guides for finding clarity and direction in your life.  Fiona – Sydney 



Some Love...


Carole, thank you so much for an amazing session. I am so appreciative of the high calibre of information that you channel and that is shared. I have found clarity to many of my pointed questions.

It always feels like having a meaningful conversation with some old friend(s) and that leaves me feeling expanded and refocused in new and enlightened way. Thank you for offering your talents!  Trilby – the Connective – New Zealand


Some Love...


I very much enjoyed your workshop which was packed full of so much information. I feel very blessed to have attended and it certainly helped activate more of a connection for me which I am grateful for.

Thank you again for the gift of the audio recordings. I certainly look forward to hearing about any other workshops you may choose to run in the future. HC

Some Love...


I have just completed 3 mentoring sessions with Carole and her team of beautiful Light Beings… the whole experience was so wonderful, valuable and life changing. From the first week I noticed many issues presenting which were cleared, lots of synchronicities and shifts.

I found everything the Light Beings discussed resonated with me and was so spot on and helpful, it enabled me to see things in a much clearer, simpler way.

I have found that I now have a deeper connection with myself, my work and in all areas of my life and this has continued on.

Doing the mentoring sessions has helped me immensely and Carole is such a beautiful, gifted channel. I felt at ease and the whole experience has been so joyful, helpful, fun and continues to serve me daily.                      ( Karen )

You have come to experience yourselves at a truly abundant frequency in this realm. You have come to break free of the limitations that you have placed upon yourself.   ( Ishtaria – A Sirius Being of Light )

How to work with me and the Galacti Councils

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 Channelled Readings

Soul Purpose Mentoring 

Online Group Gatherings

With all our love, your Arcuturan Brothers and Sisters

This year 2021 will have a focus on bringing to the surface much that has lain dormant within the individual in terms of artistic pursuits, new hobbies and new focus whether on health, wellbeing as well as being much more grounded and fully present in body, mind and emotions.Presence of mind will bring you a greater awareness of your physical, mental and emotional bodies so that you can more easily attune to your higher faculties.
Through this the higher aspect of intellect will be nurtured, the higher aspect of devotion to Self-empowerment by being centred in your truth and being that in the world.
For many, life will take on a much more global experience, whether that is simply awareness of re-connections and new connections with global sisters and brothers and experiences. Fulfilment will come from a much more grounded experience with inspirations to build a better world, to align with a greater purpose for humanity as you move forward in the wake of the pandemic…


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