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Hi I’m Carole, I am so glad you have stopped by! My mission and purpose as a Channel, Intuitive and Mentor is to support fellow Spiritual Seekers and Healers to rediscover and reconnect with new levels of self-empowerment and creative power. To save you much time by 'joining the dots' and illuminating a pathway forward in terms of awakening to a greater vision for your true Soul centred life purpose. It is my heartfelt intention that you find something here that speaks to your heart and empowers you to step out of the Spiritual Closet and share your unique gifts with the world. The time is now!

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“As you awaken to the magnificence of your Soul and deeper levels of your being you will express who you are more fully in the world.” ( Sirius Collective )

As a Spiritual Seeker do you feel that now more than ever that you being called to explore, expand and move beyond what you have previously known? To reclaim and authentically live the truth of who we are is a journey that not only offers us our greatest gifts and expansion but also presents our greatest challenges.


I believe we each have a unique highest potential for this life, a Soul path or calling that we are here to express. This ‘uniqueness’ is the gift we bring to this world. And now is the ‘Time’ to fully embrace and express your uniqueness. As we embrace this and live from a deep connection with Soul we align with a life direction that is inspired, expanded and in the flow.


Our lives may look vastly different in form yet underneath we all have a common thread, a common purpose. We are all searching for the recognition of self, the remembrance of who we truly are and in this we are truly all on the same path. We all desire to understand ourselves better, improve our relationships and connect with a deeper appreciation of what this world has to offer.


The journey of connecting with self and our deepest desires for this life is profound and transformational. One that offers a greater context for our lives, an opportunity to unleash greater self-expression and creativity in our lives.


Through my desire to connect with my Soul path and purpose I began to consciously communicate with my Guides in early 2000. A life changing and truly transformative experience for me. I was in awe of the depth and volume of knowledge that these Beings imparted to me, far greater than my rational mind could conceive of. As it became clear to me that this dialogue was not just personal but universal in nature I realised that many could benefit from their wisdom. Even though I had been working in the healing arts for many years this was a giant leap for me in terms of my own evolution. A soul calling that could not be denied… thus the start of my journey of channelling.


I truly believe our inherent connection to Soul is the gateway to our inner wisdom. And this connection is the guiding force that will lead us on our true and authentic life path. 


Through the many years of communicating with my ‘Team of Galactic Guides’ that include Collectives of the Elohim, Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies, the Council of 9 and ‘Ishtaria’ I have no doubt that we are all inherently inter-connected and have many friends in this fascinating Cosmos that we are part of.  And as we explore other dimensional perspectives we begin to see beyond our eyes, into realms of existence beyond the linear mind. This offers a vastly expanded awareness of the potential of our human experience.


These Guides exist beyond the boundary of our ordinary sensory perception. They have much to impart to the Earthly realm by way of spoken wisdom and healing activations. Whilst each offers a unique perspective and message their common intention is to be of service to humanity, to support us in shifting our vibration, discover a deeper connection with our Soul thus our inner guidance to be more able to live from a place of peaceful empowerment and creativity.


 As a Spiritual Channel and Visionary Intuitive I offer Personal Channelled Readings, Online Gatherings and Channelled Offerings that will guide and support you to move beyond limiting beliefs to a greater awareness and perspective of your true self and highest potential for an expanded life vision. Much Love, Carole ♥    


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