The Reconnection to Self

Q: The world seems to be in endless cycles of chaos. Is there something we can clear–something to create positive change?

A: You speak of clearing in terms of muck that has to be got rid of, as if there is much wrong and yet it is that a higher perspective and better question would be—‘how may I raise my vibration to be in alignment with the highest possible outcome in terms of growth and evolution?’

So it is from this point that we will proceed…

Collectively there is a calling to let go of disempowerment. What we mean by this, is the calling forth, within oneself of true empowerment. Many have felt that it no longer serves the common good to be served by governments and leaders who do not share the highest values of the tribe.

Yet, it also no longer serves to cut down those in office in cruel acts of violence. But what does serve is the empowerment of the individual to benefit from connecting with other empowered individuals and then it is that much is accomplished.

When one in a group becomes frustrated and wishes to hurry up the proceedings this can lead to all manner of ways that inevitably result in violence and a degree of delay that is most unnecessary.

“Let us say that the greatest clearing that can be done on a global scale is the reconnection to Self–the higher, intrinsic part of you–that is vital to the harmonious experience you seek.”

For you see, when it is, that you remind yourselves of the eternal beings that you truly are, you are reminded of the way in which every action reaps a consequence.

So in part, the answer to your question is—to clear the disempowered belief that your actions have no effect. For you see this is two fold. If you see that your actions have no effect the first action says—it doesn’t matter and the second says I cannot affect change.

Yet, you can effect change with your intention. This you have heard many times and yet we speak to you in terms of clearing. If you continue to intend that you are and will be of service, then this is how your world will show up.

You can spend countless hours clearing yourself of all manner of errant beliefs yet for now we are suggesting that you focus your intent on being that which you desire to be. It is all there!

“If your world could see collectively that you individually and collectively affect every particle of matter and that what you think and do matters—then it is that you would no longer see yourselves as individuals that have no effect.”   Sirius Collective