Has Fear really trumped love?  Has Fear really Trumped Love? The answer is no and yet as we view all of the craziness in the world today it is easy to feel as if fear is winning.

I personally feel sad, that clearly, we are still needing to learn lessons that require a path of pain to ‘get them’. Have we not bled enough? 

There is no doubt that there is a great desire for change upon this planet. Old structures are collapsing and it is becoming clearer that many of the old ways of being will never serve a new world that will need to be based on connection rather than separation. We are sovereign beings who do not need saving from anyone or anything. Yet, we can see that many feel so disempowered and cannot see a way forward with this unless someone ‘saves’ them. We can only offer compassion to this way of thinking for within this thinking is the idea that they are not capable of saving themselves.

We can pull back the focus on what is wrong, bad and simply idiotic in the world and become more and more empowered within ourselves. Empowerment from the inside out — personal transformation creates planetary transformation!

By being of service in this way we not only serve our selves but also the greater. We can often feel burdened by this as a great responsibility.

Yet, we are not alone, we are all unique aspects of an interconnected and ever expanding multi-verse and as such this moment is only one moment in infinity. That gives it all a far wider perspective. The greatest leap we can make in this is to forge a way forward and take our rightful place in the galactic playground. When we start to experience ourselves as not separate from this quantum field all manner of possibilities reveal themselves.  This requires us to merge and embody the Soul. This is our true purpose and our calling is the unique expression of that. We all know what is calling us and we and all know when we choose to ignore that call.

There is nowhere were we end and the Cosmos begins…it is all inside. An inside job! As Lightworkers ( simply someone who is working on themselves) our job is to connect with our hearts–the direct pathway to accessing our true multi-dimensional nature. We then see clearly what is really going on. Some have simply forgotten, that we are not and can never be separate from, love and empowerment. It is not possible. A separated mind sees only more separation.

 Yet, connection through the heart sees infinite possibilities. Many blessings, Carole