Are you in the ‘Spiritual Closet’?

What is this ‘Spiritual Closet’? And are you hanging out in it? If so how do we ‘get out’ so to speak? Let us start by defining what the closet is and to do this I am borrowing words from the Sirius Collective on the subject…


“The spiritual closet is a containment of sorts — a way to contain your essence. And the only reason that you ever put yourself in there, is to apply the brakes. Yes, you simply want to put the brakes on, in your life! And once in there you find that there is no tomorrow, no expanding until you have found the lock and key to free yourself from this self imposed prison.”

So, let’s look at it this way… For ones like us who identify as being seekers, seekers of the Light within, who seek to understand our place in the world through being on our unique spiritual pathway, we can often mistakenly think that hiding in the closet is a most noble thing! ‘Let’s be invisible’… Do not disturb others and make them feel uncomfortable’… ‘Let’s just keep out of the way’… This can happen in subtle yet powerful ways that start to trap us into believing that it is wise to hide our hearts, hide our greater intentions.


It is impossible to hide and be in the flow simultaneously. So, the first step is to learn to recognise when we are applying the brakes. For me I start to feel a deep sense of frustration, I lack enthusiasm, direction and the flow is not in the direction I am seeking. Walls seem to block my very progress and I feel alienated and disconnected from others.


Yet through past experiences with this I now understand that it is never about ‘other’s’ views of me. Others are there to act as mirrors of reflection, to reveal whether our vibration has shifted a notch or two along the way. 


We are incapable of changing ‘others’ perception of us. The vibration we offer is simply our own business. We cannot make others feel more comfortable by hiding the truth of who we are. For this only offers the experience of feeling unseen, unheard and deeply frustrated. Not only for us but because others feel the same way. Because by not sharing our hearts, our truth, we do not allow others to share their truth with us. No one gains from the experience!


So when I say you can come out of the ‘Spiritual Closet’ and shine your Light in the world what I really mean is… that the closet is in fact the very place we build, take refuge in and go into hiding from Soul. Yet it exists only as an construct in our minds. For in fact it is impossible to hide from Soul!


We each have a unique Blueprint, a unique experience to fulfilling our Soul Purpose in this lifetime. This requires a connection with Soul as it is this very connection that will open up pathways of exploration to be the explorer of who and what we came to express. If we come from the perspective that there is a place in this world for our unique expression, that this place truly exists already, then the only requirement is for us to live into its potential.


Then, we will no longer feel the need to hide in the ‘closet’ of our own making. We will naturally and effortlessly shine our light in the world and know that it is never determined by the choices of ‘others’. As we do this we give strength and witness to others as they too feel bold enough to shine their uniqueness with us as we do the same.