‘Conscious Conversations’ was a free online event held on April 1st 2020 and is available to you as a Free Resource 


The Sirius Collective shared many insights and much wisdom on the Global experience that we are all in at the moment. One of the main messages they delivered, is that is the each one of us has a unique purpose, a unique assignment at this time. This is one we have been working on for many years and it is now time to connect with deeper levels of empowerment within ourselves. 


“The idea that we will give you is to imagine that each one of you has a purpose, an assignment for what is going on at this moment in time on your planet. And your primary purpose is to come back to a level of self-knowing, a level of self- realisation within yourself. That you are a Soul centred being connected to the All, who has the ability to connect consciously to the life-force energy that is pouring from Source energy, all of the time. This is your personal assignment!

Now do not throw your hands in the air and say; ‘oh my goodness this is too big…’ No, it is not and we say that lovingly. We say that with all manner of respect to each and every one of you. Of course, you can do it, otherwise we wouldn’t bring the subject up, we wouldn’t speak of it. Of course, you can do it because to some level you already are. We are just saying that you can increase it, you can expand it, you can have a very conscious awareness of it.

You are greater than any rogue virus that is spreading around your planet, you are greater than that. And see that it has its purpose and so do you. And your purpose is connection. Its purpose is disconnection. And that never wins in the end. So, this is the time to not see that some great being on top of the hill is going to save you. It is time for you to save yourself, in a sense, from the disconnection you have felt from yourself.”


Many wonderful answers were given covering many questions. Some of these are: 


Q: As the expansion of the consciousness on earth has been foreseen, has it always been that the Covid19 would be the catalyst?

Q: How can I best be of service and assistance to those who are feeling anxious and isolated?

Q: I am surprised at how calm I have been in this situation, despite some pretty scary scenarios that could play out for family and friends. Am I being naive or on the right track?

Q: If we are practicing grounding, working on connecting to our soul centre point, expanding and not buying into the fear, does this help our chances of not contracting the virus even        if we are in a high-risk category for the virus?

Q: In terms of the purpose of this virus is it better than war?

Q:As we are willing to be of service, where should direct our thoughts and healing during this time? Is it to ourselves, others and Mother Earth?

Q:Is this the time for the many Light Workers to be the beacon of light for others?