If you are new to channelled teachings let me help you to demystify the mystery. It works through the principle that we exist in a unified (quantum) field within which all life and therefore all consciousness is interconnected both at a fundamental level and also at different levels of our experience of this field. 

All life streams (including us) are part of this field. This exists in infinite expressions and dimensions. Yet one unified mind, one heart and one consciousness ultimately connects us all. The process of channelling involves the inner communication with other dimensions of being that although interconnected are uniquely distinct from the person who is the channel.

We all have the ability to channel. Yet here is no right way of channelling. The way of each channel is unique. Whilst I do now generally feel my Guides around me all the time, when they want to interact more directly, I have a spontaneous and strong sense of a distinctly different energy that wants to communicate with me. As I allow it I move into an altered state which ‘allows’ my Guides to speak through me. I am still somewhat aware of speaking and yet at the same time have no idea of what I am about to say. I like to describe my experience as both speaking and ‘listening’ at the same time – as both receiver and giver!

Through many years along my Spiritual journey of surrendering to my Soul calling, I now channel a variety of other dimensional Light Beings who I call my Team of Guides’. These ‘Frequencies of Light’  include Collectives of the Elohim, Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies, the Council of 9 and Ishtaria’.  These frequencies represent different aspects of the unified spectrum. Each Collective has a unique purpose and message to share with humanity of the vast potential that dwells within each of us and how we can realise and express this in these fast changing times. 


These Guides  exist beyond the boundary of perception and have much to impart to the Earthly realm by way of spoken wisdom and healing activations. They share a greater awareness of our highest potential and offer tangible, practical guidance for our everyday lives. This supports us to discover and connect with a greater aspect of ourselves and enjoy an expanded perception of our reality. This unlocks new possibility and inspires us into greater realisation of ourselves as a unique aspect of the greater multi-dimensional cosmos, with our own unique purpose.


A fundamental mission and purpose for my work is to give voice to our unbreakable inter-connectedness.  My experience and that of others of the channelling reveals that not only do we all have the ability to connect with other vibrations within the multi-verse, this connection is a vital part of our growth both on a personal and planetary level. I now channel for clients around the world in both private and group sessions. I look forward to the continued expansion of my work offering the love, wisdom and healing these Galactic Guides wish to share through me.


This is our advantage. We can see that no fear is too great, to not be willing, to let it go. We abide by no rules save only the Rule of extending Love.

Know that we, as all inter-dimensional beings, are truly in respect of your situation on this planet at this time. Our help is on offer without restriction. We speak from the ‘other side of the fence’– beyond what it is you know in your world.

Our desire is to nurture you on a journey of Self-discovery one in which the richness lies within. This will lead you to the remembrance of yourselves as pure Spirit energy and with that missing piece you can then embark on a life that is grand beyond measure.  ( Elohim ♥ )