The Golden Opportunity of These Times

It is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most delighted to have a moment to share with you. To speak to you of our love and blessings to each and every one of you as you journey through this time. It goes without saying that it is most monumental, a time of great upheaval and yet a time that can deliver to you your greatest growth and renewed awareness of yourselves as Soul centred beings.


This in a sense is what awaits you. It is within the blank canvas that is before you. It is within the unwritten music that is gathering momentum. Yet on a day to day basis it can feel for you as if you are being stripped bare. There has been so much that has been altered in your world and yet we say to you that it will bring you to a greater awareness, a greater awareness of your desire to be of service.


For is service not simply, that as you grow and expand others will benefit? Do you need to have some written idea of how you have grown? What you have become and where you are going? Well, no, for in a sense this journey that is here and lies ahead for you is one that must be taken in faith and deep trust within yourself and for yourself. This is a journey that offers no known terrain, no decided outcomes and for this you must surrender your need to know.


Now does this mean that you give up on your requests to the Universe that much will turn out in ways that you desire? Well, no! Yet what it does mean, is that as you contemplate the future and cannot think of anything past the desire for this to go away– it will simply persist! For this creates an energy of defiance, of surrendering your inherent power as the powerful creator you are.


It requires you to consider the idea that this scenario is the fore-bringer of much in your reality that is desired by many as a most beneficial outcome. In simple terms, you can see it as the climb to the top of the mountain, that is often arduous and often considered a painful experience. Yet when you place yourself upon the summit and view from whence you came you are delighted beyond measure. This journey will not require you to descend the mountain top rather it will require you to be present to the new way of being from walking with the faith that has been required of you to be there.


For all of you this is so. Yet all will not take up the offer, the offer that is inherent within the vibrational frequency of this global experience. You have desired and co-created for yourselves a world-wide experience to reveal to you many chasms that require attention. Now we say this not to inspire you to rail against all that you do not wish to have in the collective experience. We simply highlight this for you to view within yourself the parts within that you do not give love to. For this is what you and the world needs right now.


Start with offering yourself all of the love you desire in the many ways you can. For as you fill up your cup it will be in a position to spill out and flow outwards to the many who cannot offer this to themselves. For if you and you alone can see that this is not a punishment rather a catalyst for great change within the collective experience you can then effect change. This then shifts the dynamics for you and for many.


Look at it this way, the collective is made up of beings, many beings and for a collective experience to be had by the majority it must firstly be experienced on a personal level. When we say, seek to heal and love yourselves then you can offer it to more, we are often met with interest and then replies of: ‘I cannot do that when I see this and that going on in the world!’ Please believe us when we say you can effect change by being the love you desire to see in this current circumstance.


It truly comes down to this being a deeply personal experience for all. So many are realising their need, want and desire for connection. Deep connection that is a personal experience. Many can see the great chasms in society that enable much for some and offer so little to others. This knowing and understanding first starts within each individual. The realisation that the world is a beautiful, living sentient being that you desire to nourish, respect, love and care for comes from within the hearts of many who are connecting with this on a personal level.


We feel you get the direction we are taking you on. If you can see that somewhat the need to be separate from others in this journey with the global pandemic, requires, and if we could be so bold, demands of you, to look within. If you can see and accept this you will find many opportunities to grow and expand within this experience. You are not alone! You simply cannot be!


Your planet exists with a thriving multi-verse. And within your realm you are each assigned many beings who are simply with you in service. You may consider that we are from the unseen world and yet you are not unseen to us! We truly extend our love to you as always, your friends in Light… (more…)

This Pandemic is Calling us to be Present in the Now Moment

How is your collective frequency faring through this pandemic? Naturally it feels most relevant to see what is going on in the physical worldly sense as a disaster of epic proportions in terms of loss of life and disruptions to your everyday way of being. This cannot be denied and on one level there is little to say on this, only to say, because of its mammoth toll on human life it can easily be a distraction from other levels of its effects.

This is not to say that it is wise to ignore or push this aside. No. It is most wise to look it square in the face and feel the emotions that it stirs up for you. To really ponder its severity and how it has affected you personally not just on a global scale. For it is then that you place yourself within it, not in a dangerous way but it allows you to see that you and every being on the planet is affected. And as with all things some more than others.


It is calling you to be present for it is not something that can be hurried up. It is taking its time in many ways. Yet all the time it is leading you deeper into yourself. For, where else is there to go? We will say to you that all manner of ideas that can bring about its containment and ways to heal from its effects are already here. They are within access of many minds. It is knowledge that can be picked from the ethers as it has been placed there for access when minds are open to its reality. 


See that within all these occurrences is also the many ways that can counter its effect and abilities to destroy. For it is as you set out to catapult growth and expansion on the planet encoded within this is also the ways and means to regenerate and bring a halt to greater and greater calamity and destruction that is not needed.


We see before you a momentous challenge. For the vast majority of humanity feels liberated from constraints yet this is opposing this and only offering you restriction and limitation. So, it is that you must ask yourself; ‘Why is this so? What is it offering me? If no matter what, there is always an experience of growth and expansion available, then how can I see it within this?’


See liberation without growth and awareness is useless. For it only ever offers more restriction. It is only your false belief that it has freed you that inhibits you seeing this. Yet if your goal and intention is liberation through expanded awareness and Soul connection then the truth is revealed and you are free. This can occur from any circumstance. Do not consider that you are being imprisoned by this. For what is freedom without safety?


Firstly, you must be aware of what is most appropriate and if this is to be apart and separate physically this does not limit your capacity to gain greater awareness and growth from this experience. And what if truly, the whole experience of being conscious and aware of how you go about your everyday existence, in this moment of time, in respect of this virus, is to become more conscious and aware then this is the ‘vehicle’ for its expression.


Yes, we understand the frustration and the urge to be loose and free, yet take the time to understand what it is offering you. By doing this, you not only become present to it, you become deeply aware and can see the path that you must take with it. See, for the whole of humanity there needs to be a far deeper level of awareness placed upon the co-existence of man upon this planet in a co-creative, cohesive, inter-connected way. This is the pathway to greater respect and open- hearted living.


You required that road to open up for you, so do not get caught up in the form that it has taken in this moment. See only your personal desires to have this be for yourself and then see it spread outwardly to all of humanity. It is not your concern whether it is taken up or not. Your only need to focus upon this for yourself. It is wise to bring it back to your centre, a focus within yourself, as when you widen the lens at this moment it can feel overwhelming.


It is not your job to heal the entire world, only to gather momentum within yourself inviting others into that frequency and from there unfold into higher levels of self-awareness and empowerment.  Then you will find the magic formulas awaiting recognition to bring an ever-widening movement of greater cohesion upon the planet. And this will bring the change you seek. For the change is what you seek. Be the Light in your acceptance of this now moment. Be the Light – for you are the Light. With all our love and blessings, your Sirius Friends…


It is now time to cling to Soul

We will endeavour to offer you guidance on the ever-shifting landscape of your greater world. For it is, that it is shifting like sand at the waters-edge when the tide is coming into shore. For when the waves come into the shore it is not a knowing of how that will look, it is only the knowing that it is inevitable that another wave will hit the shore and then leave another frequency disturbance in its wake. (more…)

Awaken to Your Magnificent Soul


Awaken to Your Magnificent Soul

The word ‘conformity’ is ingrained in your being, in your earthly mind right from the start for many of you. Conform this way, conform that way and you search your whole lives to not conform and yet, you seek the conformity of not being seen for the truth of who you are.

You hide in the shadows. ‘Who am I to express my Soul? Who am I to express the truth of who I am? Gosh if I shine in the world people may be blinded by my Light, they may hide, curl back and run away. There can be no other being that can be exactly like you, no being who expresses the way you do. It is the truth!

As you awaken to your Soul aspect and to deeper levels of your being you will express who you are more fully in the world on this physical plane. There are a myriad of ways to express your truth. We will simply use the word art and will use a grand brush stroke to explain. For art is everything. It is cooking; it is laying the table, putting flowers in a vase, stroking a baby’s head. It is the art of your Soul. Many beings mistake the meaning of the word art. You see it as something that is technical, that is a structured pastime and yet it is who you are.

The art of being you, the truth of who you are, it is in everything you do. As you stroke fabric, as you brush your hair, brush your teeth it is the expression of who you are. It is your artistic slant on that. It is your artistic expression of who you are. As you expand your being, expand your awareness and your consciousness you will find that your expanded awareness brings greater and greater opportunity to express yourself in truth.

Every journey is unique and each journey will continue to unfold with never ending progression. Progression happens when you feel alive to the possibilities that are there in your reach and always accessible. For you see nothing is every out of your reach, nothing is ever too far for you to access. This power and momentum enables you to progress through life with powerful outcomes. It is never to your advantage to play small for your fears invade your existence in the smallness. Your strength and your power are released as you accept your magnificence and stream with this energy to become invincible.

Do not dwell on what you feel you must overcome for that is only connecting you again and again with the small voice. Become ruthless in your quest for freedom. Aspire to be at peace with who you are in the magnificence of who you are.

It is not wise to create an image to aspire to. It is wise to create ‘you’ being the fullness of You. Too often, it is easy, to focus on the realities that you have created, in a limited way, allowing your mind to wander into the limits that this offers, with no viable options. You see limitless opportunity begets limitless reality and likewise limited thinking begets limited opportunity.

The seriousness of life is one to be relieved, not one, to be added to. For in the scheme of consciousness and awareness, as you lighten up and re-awaken, not only can you contain a larger quota of Light, you also lighten up in your perspectives. You will find that when you see the truth for what it is, a truth that was created by you, it does not feel in any way like a calamity to be fixed. You see the inherent fear within the human psyche, the fear of standing out, is the fear of standing up and being counted.

Are we asking you to shine, asking you to allow yourself to be free? Yes, that is all we speak of–‘freedom’! For as you liberate yourself of the weight, crushing weight upon your being that does not allow you to be who you are in every given moment, it becomes pure freedom. You are Soul within a body expressing your need to express and that is all. We say do not take this lightly, yet, we ask you not to burden yourselves any further.

Do not go away from this conversation to beat yourself up more: ‘Well, they said I have to express so am I doing that’? Do not start censoring yourself, looking over your own shoulder wondering what you are up to. You will know when you are expressing your being. We ask this of you for your own freedom.

Nothing is out of your reach, nothing is impossible if you take the time to be congruent with the truth of who you are. In truth, you are not a scared, frightened individual. You are a powerful being who is part of the whole–plugged into the All. Your individual experience can feel frightening, lonely and full of booby traps if you allow yourself to feel disconnected from the whole.

We say plug back in and remind yourself the only truth is to remember who you are. Then and only then can you make light work of what it is you came to experience. There is no damage in forgetting, only the allowing of never reminding yourself of the truth. You have much to offer for your perspective is unique.

For, you see it can only ever be what is true for you–only ever, your expression of the truth that lies within, that will set you on fire, that will have you at the helm of your own journey. There is no need to confuse yourself with how this can be expressed. No, it is simply that to stifle it any longer will lead to the dullness of your being, as if the Light has been turned down and is without power.

Your true power lies in your escape from the narrow- minded ego, the part of you that relies on you keeping yourself small. It relies on the temptation it offers you, the allure of a safety net. Yet it offers only escape from your true worth. For as it tempts you to its lair, to enter you must turn your back on the Soul, the primary focus of your being. Your true being will never gain sustenance from the ego, as it is only a pale imitation of the truth.

Set yourself free from this wrangle and allow for the peace and loving embrace of your Soul. Connection with this will inspire you to offer your truth, your wisdom and Light for all to see.”       Elohim through Carole McKeracher

Frequency and Potential of 2018

Frequency and Potential of 2018

It is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most pleased to be here to give you some wisdom, some context for this year. You are now into a new calendar year that in your terms you call 2018. Now every year has its own frequency, every year has its own unique vibration and its own unique potentiality.


The potentiality, of every moment, is the potential for growth and awareness of self. If you look at it from that perspective, from the realm of what is this year offering me, in terms of my growth and awareness, my connection to the deeper part of myself, the healed part of myself, you will start to be able to define it in a different way that is most helpful. For if you start to define it, in a sense, of what is it that- ‘I have to do- what is it that I have to achieve in this year’ you can get lost in a myriad of different aspects, in a myriad of different opportunities. So, what is underlying this year is, that the sense that you always have the ability to move through what is there and this particular year is offering a profound shift in your perspective of the whole–the All, to the greater cosmos. (more…)

Frequency and Potential of 2018

A New Way of Being- Elohim


Firstly, the new way is not a dance to become someone other than you are. It is not about becoming–rather it is the integration of the knowing that you are.

Time is relevant here. For without time, you fail to see the great strides you have made in your progression forward. And yet, it is also time to acknowledge that time no longer has the hold on you it once did. This frees you up to experience your world without its constraints.Time was necessary. Yet it no longer offers the fixed point it once had. This will affect you in many ways for you will no longer feel the need to express yourself in a ‘timely’ fashion. What do we mean by this? Well, it is that in the past you have put in place ‘timelines of consciousness’ that you feel are important and when reached, offer a point in which you can now share yourself.