‘Being ‘You’ Now’

I have been contemplating the idea how simply living in this ever-changing world is a profound challenge to our sense of self. We are bombarded on a daily basis with information and images telling us how we should and shouldn’t be. It can be a challenge to come back to our inner knowing, our inner compass, the truth of who we are. Yet this is our true north star.


Have you pondered on how you arrived at and became who you are in this moment in time?

I know for me, the idea of ‘who I am’, as I was growing up came from ‘outside’ of me. From parents, teachers, friends and the beliefs I absorbed from the collective. And as for many of us it was somewhat negative. Yet this is more often than not the catalyst that brings us to our unique spiritual path: to undo our perceived lack of unworthiness and offer ourselves greater self-love and acceptance for who we are. To essentially heal the past.

Yet I believe trying to heal a belief that in some future moment we will be a much better version of ourselves is full of pitfalls. An idea that ‘who I am’ in this moment is not enough, requires us to hold ourselves back from being who we are – taking that step forward; speaking up now! And waiting for all the conditions that we have placed upon ourselves to be resolved; all the ducks in a neat little row! Quack, quack!


There is no better moment than this one. Who we are in this moment is perfect!  I can only ever be the perfect me in this moment. You can only ever be the perfect you in this moment. The sense of self we feel in this moment feeds the next moment and so on. Let it be devoid of judgments and comparisons, lack of compassion for ourselves. Instead, let this be the moment we inhabit the powerful being we are. Now! 


I have been working on these ideas for the past few weeks thankfully through getting much wisdom from the Guides and I would love to share their simple yet profound message. If I identify with some future ‘me’ that I perceive is better (the usual list smarter, nicer, kinder, thinner, younger, funnier…) I think you get the point!  Then if this list is unfulfilled, it stops me from stepping up, speaking up now as a Soul centred being. My sense of ‘self’ is focused on ‘outside’ assumptions and beliefs. I am identifying with a limited version of myself that has no place in this world. It is not my true identity and will not offer me a true sense of self.


The Soul is the present moment. Perfection is this moment. This is the true Self! The future is always built on the connection of one experience of the present moment to the next and to the next and so on… See there is never a right moment in the ‘future’; a perfect moment that is not this moment. It can only ever be the right moment Now!


Who, what and the everything this moment contains is perfect and with that perfection we move into the next moment and the next… Often it is the smallest of things that keep us circling around and around in a never- ending loop. So let’s not wait for some future moment to have what we perceive this moment is lacking. Let’s accept that we are all perfect Now!


Wishing you much love, laughter and blessings,

Carole x ​​​