My Story…

To be honest when I first started on my own spiritual quest over three decades ago I didn’t set out to become a channel and yet life had a funny way of taking me in all sorts of unknown directions. I can see now in hindsight that my deep desire to discover my authentic self and to listen to my inner voice was calling me to become this and more along the way. For many years I searched inwardly and outwardly for answers leading me to countless books, self development programs, the study of metaphysics and many healing modalities. This search has taken me to many parts of the globe and introduced me to many teachers and seekers to whom I am profoundly grateful.

I have personally worked through many challenging times in terms of direction, purpose, relationship, abundance and self-expression. Throughout, almost unrealised, my inner guidance system had been developing to a point at which I became increasingly aware that another dimension of myself ( beyond my ordinary conscious mind ) was increasingly calling the shots in my life.


As I followed this calling I began doing readings and offering workshops on self-awareness and healing applying all that I had learnt. I naturally found myself drawn to automatic, Spirit, writing opening up  communication, through this medium, with a collective of the Elohim Frequency.  Opening up to and connecting with my Angelic  Guides  greatly intensified my written dialogues. I was in awe of the depth and volume of knowledge that these Beings imparted to me, far greater than my rational mind could conceive of.


It became clear this was not just personal but universal in nature and that many could benefit from these dialogues. I ‘knew’ that at some stage I would have to verbally channel these interactions so one day I was guided to put down my pen and begin a verbal channel. This step took me on an even deeper personal journey as it was now time to share this with others. So with the Elohim Collective lovingly supporting and guiding me I  began to channel verbally, firstly for friends and then very quickly offering this at public events. This was a big step for me, yet something that I could not deny as it felt so right.


As I learnt to surrender more to my innate calling I was ‘introduced’ to other Higher Dimensional Beings as in the Sirius and Arcturan Collectives, the Council of 9 and Ishtaria a Light Being.  A ‘Team of Guides’ who I work with directly.


As a visionary intuitive and now a channel and mentor I began to envision that a primary and  fundamental purpose for my work was to give voice to our unbreakable inter-connectedness and that the channelling demonstrates not only do we all have the ability to connect with other vibrations within the multi-verse, this connection is a vital part of our growth both on a personal and planetary level.


Today I channel for clients around the world in both private and group sessions. I look forward to the continued expansion of my work offering the love, wisdom, guidance and healing these ‘Team of Guides‘ wish to share through me. Much love, Carole ♥

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