Private Sessions

The pathway of connecting with our Soul self and our deepest desires for this life is profound and transformational. A journey that offers us our greatest gifts and expansion yet also presents our greatest challenges.

So many of us who are are deeply sensitive feel a calling to live an inspired life . And once you awaken to its magic and possibility there is no turning away from its call.

From my own ‘spiritual journeying’ over the past 30 years, I know how much courage and commitment it takes to follow one’s inner calling, how challenging and painful it feels to boldly and bravely step out in the world.


This is especially so when the gap between our expanding perception and that of others in our world widens. This can make us feel that the only alternative is to remain in the ‘Spiritual Closet’ so to speak! Yet it is this sense of calling that drives us to stand in our true power, to be the wise woman or man, conscious awakener, healer, intuitive, channel, creative, artist and by many other names. 


We are without a doubt living in extraordinary, fast changing and expansive times that are calling us to be or become ‘something more’. To explore deeper levels of meaning and purpose and find new ways to express our authentic creativity. It is now the time to be and share your ‘uniqueness’ in the world.


 Book a Personal Channelled Reading

Are you ready to…


          Make radical shifts in self-limiting perceptions that are holding you back                                 


          Receive clarity on the meaning and purpose of your life


        Experience deeper self-acceptance and relationships with others


        Have inspired possibilities illuminated for an expanded vision for your life


          Feel a renewed sense of passion, inspiration and a greater sense of peaceful empowerment


Then you will find a Personal Channelled Reading to be a unique experience offering new dimensions of healing. A seamless blend of my intuitive insights and working directly with my ‘Team of Galactic Guides’ these sessions are in-depth and deeply transformational. You are encouraged to ask questions about any area of your life. Nothing is off limits! They will save you ‘much time’ in gaining clarity as you will get very clear, specific insight and resolution.


You will be offered…

        A sacred space and framework that will support and deeply nurture you


        An intimate, heartfelt experience to release fears, doubts and shift self-limiting perceptions that are inhibiting you 


        Guidance that will open a new space within you to explore greater dimensions of ‘who you are here to be’


        Practical next steps to move forward with renewed, grounded clarity and a deeper sense of Soul connected life purpose 



All Sessions are…

       ♦  60 minute via video call on Zoom (world-wide)

       ♦  Recorded and you will receive an MP3 via email

       ♦  Jam-packed with information

       ♦   $135 AU                                    


The guidance you receive is timeless and many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers further insights and revelations.


Book a Personal Channelled Reading



Carole, thank you so much for an amazing session. I am so appreciative of the high calibre of information that you channel and share. I have found clarity to many of my pointed questions. It always feels like having a meaningful conversation with some old friend(s) and that leaves me feeling expanded and refocused in new and enlightened ways. 

Thank you for offering your talents!” 


What a beautiful message from Ishtaria and Carole. I recently had a personal session with Ishtaria and I was blown away. I had very specific questions and was seeking specific insight and resolution. It was amazing and I received both and more. If you are looking for clarity, I highly recommend a session with these amazing two Beings in Light.’   Trilby Johnson -The Connective.  NZ  )


I feel totally changed energetically, for the better of course! And have a lot of relevant thoughts and inspirations to reflect on and continue working through after each session. Thank you!’    Joanne )


I have had three readings with Carole in the past few months. The first reading was deeply moving and helped me understand my power as a Light Worker and my mission on a level that others could not explain. I came to understand how important working with the etheric and crystals is for me. I also received activations from another life.  

My second reading was deeply healing. I was going through a break up and the Guides explained so much to me about the emotional patterns I had running in relation to love.This was deeply healing and brought peace to my heart.

My third reading gifted me the well known lesson of ‘your answers are only as good as your questions.’ I came to understand much on the inner–until we understand on the inside no outside words can explain. This was something that for years no one could explain to me. For my next reading I would like to receive high level energy activations. I know Carole would be fantastic at channelling such activations.  ( Ekaterina,Healer,Author, Coach, St Petersberg )


If channelling is a new experience for you let me demystify it…

Channelling is the act of communing with Divine nature. It offers much more than just having your questions answered.  As words are a form of energy, channelled information is more than just the words, it has an energy that contains all frequencies at once. Creating a perception shift, a vibration shift and is one of the greatest tools for self-transformation. Although distinct from the person who is channelling, channelled entities, like all beings, are part of the one mind, one heart, and one consciousness that connects us all.


Each Collective I channel has a unique voice, frequency and purpose in service to the empowerment of humanity. As they share their expanded perspective, guidance and healing frequencies through me you will gain a greater context for your human experience healing the misperceptions of a limited self thus lighting the way for an expanded way of being…


New to channelling?