We are so grateful to be here this evening to be in your presence. We have so much gratitude for this gathering, for the ones’ who are here, to hear us speak, and feel our presence of love. For as we always remind ones’ who listen to us, we can only express ourselves in a loving manner–there is no other choice for us–it is simply love.

Why is that often human beings would see themselves as separate from the whole galaxy, the universe, from the whole? Is it a feeling of unworthiness? Is it a feeling of separation? Or is just that you have forgotten and you need a gentle reminder that you are part of the whole?

And what does that mean to be part of the whole? Does it mean something different from walking around as a separate entity? Well, yes, it is, for if you were to experience yourselves as part of the whole in any given moment, would you not think that your life would look quite different?

See, everywhere you turn you see that you are part of the whole–and yet the funny thing is that when you hear it from an energy, that is not what you can see, it often implants in you in a slightly different way. For, we are not speaking to you as a separate entity we are speaking to you as part of the whole, of bringing you back into that awareness.

See, there is no other place to be, but in the whole. In truth you cannot be separate. It is not possible. So, we are asking you, gently asking you- -would you kindly remind yourselves every day that you are part of the whole, that every cell is inter-connected with the sun, moon and the stars and your earthly plane. It is that simple act of reminding yourself, of making that a pure intention, that even if you do not understand this or can feel it, that you will remind yourselves of that.

There are many who say you are from the stars, from another planetary system, galactic beings, celestial beings, angelic beings. They are all names, all tags and identities and that is fair. For if you just walked around as a blob on this earthly plane and gave yourself no identity, it would feel very strange, but what we are saying, is all those tags, all those identities are immaterial in the whole. They have no way of showing your true identity. If you seek outwardly to find the planet that you came from, that you originated from–what a journey that will take you on- -and yet the fact is that you are on this planet at this time and there is no planet that you are not on. You are on them all!

That might make your head spin a little. You might try to find that in your knowing. So, give yourself a tag, give yourself a name. Say you are from the Pleiades, say from Sirius, whatever you choose, whatever star system you choose – -it is immaterial for you are a being, a being of source energy –a source energy that lives within and inside your body and is the truth of who you are.

 Let us lighten the load for a moment and take a look into your Universe and see that it is just not happening here, it is happening in every corner, in every star system and beyond. Your growth does not depend on the growth of the universe, for you are the growth of the universe. There is nothing outside of you that can grow first and then give you that growth, it is you that has to grow, and in growing and expanding you expand the Universe. As simple as that and really simple. It is not technical, it is not detailed and it is not hard. Allow yourself to be the truth of who you are.

There is nothing more complicated than in trying to be that which you are not and denying the truth of who you are. For if you denied that you had feet or hands or arms it would be very difficult to operate them. So, if you deny within yourself, that you are a being of light–that has decided to come into a body to experience this plane of existence–if you deny that, then you cannot operate at that level.

So, this whole talk really was about you not denying that, about accepting that, about bringing it into your very being. You see from our vantage point that is all we see. We see little else for there is little else to see. And believe us when we say that when you expand we also expand also. So, you see, there is no reason to feel adrift on this planet and feel that life is out of control, for it is not.

As there are no great beings in control of your destiny. That is not possible, you are in control, and yet beings of light are working and sending love and healing to this planet. That is not controlling it and not deciding the destiny of it. For it is the ones’ who reside on the planet who will decide the destiny and we have faith in the outcome. We do not concern ourselves, we do not worry, we do not huddle together and whisper and say ‘look at what is going to happen, we are so worried.’ We do not spend Friday afternoons at the water cooler worrying and gossiping about what is happening for we can see the magnificence of its growth. We can see from where it has come and where it is going.

We would like you to digest our words and not to think and to ponder and try and work them out. We would like you to see that they have had an effect upon you, however small or large, that may be and that is not our concern. We are so glad to be in your company. We do not offer, what you do not know, for that is when people say, I have a remembrance. A remembrance is that you already know it and beings like us remind you and then you say ‘I already knew that, that is nothing new.’ We do not ask that you say ‘wow that was new that was amazing.’ We just ask that you be in the truth of who you are. That is our loving message. There are many layers to that message, for you are multi-dimensional beings, so we can never speak to you on one dimension only.

Many things are happening, if you could see from our vantage point, you would see lights ablaze, flares and rockets and your system going wild. And so it is that we would like for you to take a breath and breathe in our words and accept them for what they are. We do not need praise or thanks, we know why we spoke these words tonight and you do not have to have reasons why. 

Elohim Collective  — Public Channel August 2012