Embracing the Power of Change

Embracing the Power of Change. I have been thinking a lot about the word ‘change’ of late. It has been said that change is the one constant in life and yet sometimes it feels as if it happens too fast, too much and all too soon since the last one! Yet change is simply an opportunity for a change in perspective. Sounds simple when put that way, yet it can feel far from simple when our whole perspective of the world changes. When the veil is lifted even the slightest and the curtains drawn back to let in more light, the way we were no longer serves and we are standing and operating from a whole new paradigm. This serves to be the next starting point to our next shift in perspective and so the never ending flow occurs.

We can either be in the flow expanding, growing and loving all aspects of change or feel as if it is some outside force that is doing all of this to me! This is certainly never the case!

The nature of creation is that it is always in a state of expansionary creation and as we are never separate from that, we are always evolving and expanding–i.e. Changing! Yet what or who is changing? Is it not that we are simply coming into the recognition, the remembrance of who we are? If that is the case and  we are simply remembering that which is there within us then we are not changing. We are becoming! Becoming the powerful beings we inherently are.

So why do we feel that it is change and bemoan the difficulty of this? Is it because we are so used to the filters we have layered over our truth and become so used to them that we feel naked and vulnerable without them? What I can say for sure and I am sure you will agree, change happens despite us trying to get in the way. Change is constant and is happening all around us and as we embrace ourselves in the truth of who we are there has to be a shift to accommodate the new vibration and frequency of who we have become. Then it is that change is not difficult rather it is simply the allowing of the expanding into a higher frequency of our selves and Being from that frequency.

Personally, I can feel a stirring within myself that cannot be denied, a renewed sense of purpose and desire to be the truth of who I am. Do I always embrace that? Hell no! I often kick and scream and dither and lapse into indecision and perfectionism. Yet above all of that I know that my highest intention is to evolve, grow and share despite me putting the brakes on and that this will win hands down all of the time. I have come across so many people who feel the same way–who feel that the time has come to embrace change and become more. It truly is a magical time.

Becoming sounds so much more exciting and agreeable and frankly what we have worked towards, over many years, to achieve. Change can feel hard yet becoming feels embracing!

Become who you truly are! The world will adapt! We can all build a more harmonious world together.  Consciousness is not a destination in itself–it is the awareness of being in the flow of creation– it is vibration and frequency that we inhabit. Becoming from the inside out!

Much love, laughter and blessings along the way,

Carole x​​​​​​​​​​​​​