‘Finding Empowerment in Disruption’ was a free online event held on May 6th 2020 and is available as a Free Resource 


We are all going through a massive time of disruption on the planet at the moment. Yet encoded within this is the frequency for it to be a catalyst for great positive change. This is challenging for us on every level of our being. For so many of us can sense and feel that calling within to reconnect with Soul – to embody deeper levels of self-knowing, recognition, love, acceptance and empowerment. Yet, what is happening in the world is a powerful opportunity to understand and connect with the level of self-empowerment that is available to us in this disruption.


The Sirius Collective, Ishtaria and the Arcturan Collective all shared many insights and much wisdom on the Global experience that we are all in at the moment. Some of the messages they shared…


♥ Each one of you is a miraculous being and you have come to this planet at this time to experience exactly what is happening. You haven’t come to experience something else. It is upon you a great disruption of your previous reality and it is that much has been taken from your physical reality in a sense, so much that occurred for you in your physical world that distracted you from your superb greatness has been taken away from you.This creates you being in a new chamber of reality and within that is the ability and the potentiality of you connecting with a higher level of yourself. 


♥ You are here to explore yourselves, you are here to explore greater frequencies of your being. For if you simply lived on a planet where there was no disruption, where everything was status quo, where everything was on a flat line of experience you simply wouldn’t have the availability to dive deeper into this connection. Because if you think about it, it is normally and generally, the highs and lows that give you that experience, that offer it to you.


♥ Not all disruptions are negative. If you can see a disruption as simply a detour that is offering you something wonderful,  a package wonderfully wrapped up waiting for you to experience something unknown to you until this present moment. What is unknown to you, you cannot integrate it but once you know it you integrate it within your being.