With Carole McKeracher & Galactic Councils of Light

A Galactic Perspective on how to navigate these times for healing, self-empowerment and Soul purpose expression

An invitation to follow your calling through the power of surrendering what no longer serves you to become and express your greater Soul purpose!

There are many times in life when we feel a  calling, a sense and feeling of being called to expand to embody a greater aspect of ourselves. And despite was is happening now and what has gone on in the world in the past year or so there is a really high calling for us in this moment in time. The frequencies and the vibrations that are here to facilitate this are extremely high.

 Yet we often question what is this calling? Is this the time for me to follow this calling? How can this be so when the ability to express ourselves has been somewhat curtailed in the past year or so as we have lived through chaos and disruption on a global scale?

Yet, this energy is not what we are being called to bring with us into this higher frequency awareness that is there now. We are being called to move through it, to surrender it and to let go of what no longer serves us.

The past is important only because each moment of the past has got us to be exactly who we are now. And this moment in time, in the unfolding perfection of who we are, is the perfect springboard to spring forth and to facilitate moving into that higher frequency.


This group gathering is about surrendering what no longer serves us with the intention to empower us to step into that greater aspect of us that is being called forth right now, in this moment.

I invite you into this conversation, I invite you into a dialogue and a healing facilitated by the Galactic Councils, Galactic Beings of Light who I channel.

These are wonderful evenings of exploration. Exploring what that means for you as an individual in this collective experience.

I invite you to look into your heart and see if this is calling you and if it is, I welcome you and we will have a wonderful evening together with all the Beings of Light who are here to support our growth and expansion.

Join me as I channel wisdom from the Galactic Realm through the many Galactic Councils who I affectionately call my Team of Guides. They include Councils of the Elohim, Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies, the Council of 9 and Ishtaria.  Whilst each offers a unique perspective and message by way of spoken wisdom their common intention is to be of service to humanity guiding us to reconnect with our in-dwelling vast potential to expand and receive more joy and connection from our life experience.

Whether you are new or familiar with my channelling work you will find these sessions to be profound and deeply healing.These Guides see us in the light of our full potential and offer a far greater perspective of our true selves than our ordinary mind can conceive of. The wisdom, guidance and healing frequencies that you will receive in these online gatherings support us to connect with a deeper, greater part of ourselves. Activating us to access an expanded aspect that is already in existence which is why connecting with the Guides can and does feel so familiar.

And it is so much fun! Many say it is like having a profound conversation with wise and dear friends. This offers a truly heartfelt experience as they speak intimately and directly to the group energy on the power that dwells within each one of us lighting the way for an expanded way of being.

 The Galactic Councils will offer their expanded perspective and you will have an opportunity to ask questions directly of the Galactic Councils though an interactive Q & A segment. 


Live Online Via Zoom  Wednesday 10th March

7.30pm – 9pm –  $22

You will receive an MP3 recording of the channelling via email

If you are not able to attend the live event a recording will be sent to you via email. This recording will not be made available publicly.

“Fantastic,other worldly, surreal, brilliant- mind blowing, incredible divine messages, thank you!

Has given me many incredible new perspectives to look at “everything” from.” Theodore

Such an inspiring and intriguing session that provided profound ideas and opened up new questions to reflect on. Rachael

Absolutely fantastic night and a wonderful opportunity to interact with other dimensions and other beings. Sue 

Absolutely mind blowing for me. I leave the room with lots to digest and understand, with a thirst for more.   Audrey

Loved it. Re-inforced that there is so much more and that we have more to develop on our own journey. Looking forward to more.   Lolita

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