Monthly Galctic Wisdom

Transmissions from the Galactic Councils

Monthly Galactic Wisdom audios are not intended as an energy forecast as such rather a way to connect more deeply within through the uplifting and empowering wisdom that is on offer from the Galactic Realm. 

November 2020 Council of Nine

Deeply inspiring and uplifting message from the Council of Nine. 

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October 2020 Ishtaria

A beautiful words and energy transmission from Ishtaria calling us to connect with our inherent empowerment to create an expanded future .

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September 2020 Sirius Collective

You are moving into the last part of 2020 and what does that present to you? What has come before has been greatly disruptive yet you Soul knows the way, has the map and is the guiding light that can see the lighthouse ahead. Anchor yourself within that energy and then you will be able to experience a vastly different awareness and level of consciousness.

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April 2020 Arcturan Collective

“Have it be the reason for your existence, at this moment in time, to really embrace Soul within, to really connect with that Divine force that is within you. Now is the time that it will become clearer to you, it will become more familiar, so embrace that.”