PLAYING WITH CHANGE. One of the things that I have been noticing of late is that so many of us are in a state of frustration with wanting radical change both on a personal and collective level. And we want that change now!

The Guides teach us that we are all interconnected and as such can never be separate from a never-ending flow of expansion. Does it always look and feel that way? No! The ego is impatient and wants everything at once and it lets us know that change is not happening nearly fast enough.

The ‘spiritual path’ can be likened to getting on a train. A moment of awareness, leads us to firstly step on the train then enter the first compartment. We only get to step into the next when we master the one we are in. We can never go any faster or be better than we are in this moment. For everything that we understand and everything that has got us to this point, is everything we need right now to be where we are at!

There is no ‘other place’ to be than the place we are in right now. All is in perfection! Change is happening! It may not be occurring how or when we think it should be, yet it is happening. The trick is to see that it is not happening to us, rather we are co-creators of it and our power lies in the recognition and acceptance of this. We can then break the cycle of despair of not feeling that change is happening fast enough by recognising that no matter what, we are expanding, growing and moving into higher aspects of our greater selves.

When I first started consciously communicating with my Angelic Guides, the Elohim Collective, they would say the only thing to do is remember who you are. Easier said than done! I would say to myself on a mental level I understand that I am source energy, I am not separate from the All and as the popular slogan goes—‘I am a spiritual being having a physical earthly experience.’

Is that enough?  Whilst ego says no, the correct answer is yes. Because even having that idea, that thought, propels one into higher and higher frequencies of experience. Do I understand it now at a deeper level than I did years ago? Yes! Are there deeper and deeper levels of recognition to be had? Absolutely!

What we don’t know, we don’t know until we know it. So what is all the frustration about? I hasten to say that it is the refusal to accept ourselves as the wonderful Beings we are and to be assured that we are effecting change in the world as we grow within ourselves. There is no hurry, we have Eternity after all!