Soul Purpose Mentoring

 Will support you to reconnect and express the deepest layers of your Soul as the Healer, Creative and Wayshower you are!


I have just completed 3 mentoring sessions with Carole and her team of beautiful Light Beings… the whole experience was so wonderful, valuable and life changing. From the first week I noticed many issues presenting which were cleared, lots of synchronicities and shifts.

I found everything the Light Beings discussed resonated with me and was so spot on and helpful, it enabled me to see things in a much clearer, simpler way.

I have found that I now have a deeper connection with myself, my work and in all areas of my life and this has continued on.

Doing the mentoring sessions has helped me immensely and Carole is such a beautiful, gifted channel. I felt at ease and the whole experience has been so joyful, helpful, fun and continues to serve me daily.                      ( Karen )


You know that you are here to fulfil a purpose and you have a desire to share with the world. Whether you know exactly what that is or are still in the revealing of it you can feel a calling within you that is desiring full expression. 

And if you are feeling a calling to express your unique gifts more deeply, more openly then without a doubt now is the time!

Through life circumstance we can often learn to ‘shutdown’ or ‘dim’ our Light and Magic to ‘fit into’ this world.

Soul Mentoring is an invitation rediscover and reconnect at a deeper level with your unique Light and Magic!

Illuminating a clear pathway forward for you in terms of living and expressing your unique Soul purpose.




Join Carole and The Galactic Councils for a deeply personal experience that is structured around your unique life circumstance, goals, aspirations and Divine Blueprint. The wisdom and the energy activations received in each session will enable you to let go of beliefs and patterns that are not in alignment with you connecting and expressing your innate power.

Each Session will offer progressively expanded perceptives, invaluable insights and real tangible results in unleashing greater self-expression and creativity in your life and strengthen your alignment with your highest purpose. It is time to Reclaim and honour yourself for who you are!

Soul Purpose Mentoring Sessions

Each Session is structured by the Guides to your unique life circumstance and what you are working on specifically, whether that be your relationships,healing work, spiritual growth or creative endeavours.

Despite what is going on in the world are you are feeling a strong pull to step into a greater aspect of yourself?

So often we desire to experience life in greater alignment with our Soul purpose and calling and at the same time old patterns and beliefs keep coming up that convince us that we are nor ready, willing or able.

Alignment happens when we let go of the parts of ourselves that keep us limited and fearful of our inherent power. Whether you are clear on what you are working on or desire to get in touch with a deeper aspect of your creativity, healing work, connection with your inner guidance and guides then this powerful mentoring will definitely serve you.

What is included in the Soul Mentoring Package?

Soul Mentoring is a sacred space to support you in uncovering and connecting more consciously with deeper levels of your Soul purpose and expression. A deeply healing experience that will give you the tools to express more freely your unique offerings in the world.

Included are three Channelled Sessions of 1.5hrs each over Zoom spaced two to three weeks apart.

Notes and the audio recording of each session. Email and energetic support between.

And a Bonus half hour follow up session one month after the last session.

All of my Channelled Readings and Soul Mentoring Sessions are online via Zoom. A Zoom account is required and is free to connect and only takes a few minutes. Connect on 

Will there be processes or homework?

Each Session is structured by the Guides to your unique life circumstance.

You may receive one or more personal mantras, meditations or processes to work on between sessions.

Listening again to the channelled part of the session is an integral part of the process as this gives you even deeper insights and awareness of what the Guides are leading you through and allows for greater integration.

What is the difference between a Channelled Reading and a Mentoring Session?

A Personal Channelled Session can be a one off session though many return either for several sessions in a short space of time or as guided. They are perfect for crystal clear guidance on your relationships; how you can open up to deeper levels of abundance, health, healing work, career or creative endeavour; or guidance on new ways to expand the expression of your unique gifts and talents. 

A Soul Mentoring Program  is a deeper dive with 3 successive sessions of 1.5hrs each with email and energetic support in between. With a bonus follow up session of 1/2 hr one month after completion.  These sessions support you in connecting with a deeper aspect of yourself that experiences a more expanded awareness of reality.

As you breakthrough and shift deep issues, blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs the way in which you presence and express your unique Soul purpose will be transformed.

The Cost of the Soul Mentoring Package?

The cost of is A$595

Inclusive of the 3 sessions; email and energetic support, notes and audio recordings, and a half hour follow up session one month after completion. A payment plan is available if needed please contact me for the details.

All of my Channelled Readings and Soul Mentoring Sessions are online via Zoom. A Zoom account is required and is free to connect and only takes a few minutes. Connect on 

Need further clarity?

If you would like more clarity on whether the Soul Mentoring is for you please email me and I can answer your questions via email through my contact page or we can set up a 20min phone call.

Note: This is not to sell or enrol you, it is only to support you in becoming clear if this is the next step for you on your unique Soul path.

Your mentoring has been a deeply developing and supportive process for me. I have felt an internal shift in letting go of the old version of me.

I know it is a process and will take some time to fully integrate the new version. Your program was fundamental to helping me see, understand and experience it ( and much more! ) during this time and into the future.

I wanted to thank you again for channelling my sessions and of course many thanks to the Sirius Collective.

Carole all your guidance, support and especially reassurance during this process was much needed and most helpful. I also love and use the personal meditation, which is such a wonderful, precious gift that keeps giving.  (Joanna, Sydney, Australia)


If you would like a Personal Channelled Reading

Whether you are new or familiar with channelling, looking for answers to your many questions and a more expansive vision for your life then a personal channelled reading is perfect for you!