Soul Whispers

When we feel a whisper, a calling within us to expand calls it can feel scary and even way beyond our capabilities. This can trigger the mind to look for ways to pull out. The thought of pulling away from this calling can cause anguish because we truly know that is not what is being asked of us. We are being called to expand not contract! So, it is that I have come to realise even more deeply that it has only ever about surrendering to those Soul whispers — to our Soul calling.

As Soul is the ‘Driver’ not the ‘Rider’ we are never taking our Soul for a spin. It is always the other way around. It knows where we are going and the best way to get there. We don’t need to get in the way by giving instructions. You know that irritating back seat ‘driver’ that won’t shut up? Well that’s us in control mode!

If this level of surrender feels scary, too big and intimidating we can chunk it down. We can simply ask to be shown the next step, not the full vision of its final completion. I know I have in the past been guilty of wanting to know the entire picture in technicolour.

Just ask for the next step, and take that step. Then ask to be shown the next and on and on. This can be an obvious or subtle unfolding. We can mistakenly feel that it is lacking in its simplicity. Yet it never, ever is!

For within the Soul calling is the full power of creation. It cannot fail. It may and mostly does look different to what the mind expected it should. Yet it is always grander, more expansive and fulfilling than what we could possibly make up from a separated mind.

To live and embody this way, we need to recognise our indivisibility from Soul. We, simply cannot be separate. We are designed to operate as one — in the flow and flowing. We then experience our magnificence and need never ask the question: ‘how am I going to do this?’

We will know that of course we can – and in fact we already are! As we cannot escape our Soul Presence, let us work in harmony with its elegance.

So often we are lead to believe that our visions, goals and aspirations must be the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest, an Olympian feat or world changing. This is the mind tricking us into believing that it knows best, but most of all keeping it small as it seems it can’t be done.

Yet to expand our vision from a limited version to a Soul aligned one we need to invoke the power of Soul aligned Intention. We do not need to know exactly what the greater vision is. We need only intend that we are open to receive and live this expanded version.

See intention is the driving force, the catalyst for its manifestation.  And as we receive Soul impulses via our inner guidance and become trusting of this guidance we easily take action on these inspirations. We then dance with Soul and are guided by Soul into deeper acceptance of how magnificent we truly are.

Whatever that stirring, calling and whispers know that they are there as the  signposts to the expression of our unique Soul presence and purpose.

No matter how crazy the world is our greatest challenge is to surrender to our Soul calling and simply say yes! There isn’t anything else to do except be in a divine dance with how it is calling us Now!