It can be hard to follow one’s Soul calling

It sure can be hard, even painful to follow the calling of one’s Soul. Oh yes, I hear you say!

For myself and so many people I have spoken to of late have found this year to be one in which:  ‘I was going along with grand intentions, all was coming into alignment, yet bang’... all of a sudden it stopped. What the heck!

Does this sound familiar? 

For me it was simply that everything I thought I was being called to create and manifest would continue to expand. Yet it came to a full stop! All of a sudden, it became obvious to me that taking no action was my action! I am talking in terms of my group work. I had many ideas, was feeling the love and the flow, yet  suddenly I was being guided not to make a time for the next one… not another one or any one at all.

This was a very different energy from: stop this, stop what you are doing.’  It was more of an energy of: it is so obvious not to move forward with this’.


Before this moment, I had ideas and plans… are you listening to me Universe?  I know better than you my dear Soul just let me show you! Yet this was the point at which the pain and ‘boy is this hard’ entered the story!


There are many gems of wisdom in this scenario that seem to be common to all our spiritual journeys. Here are some that came to me…


The more we push to go in a different direction the more we come to a standstill. It simply never works to try and override the Soul calling.


There is nothing wrong and there is nothing new to learn in this moment.  Instead it is a time of deep integration of what we already know. A slowing down, even a withdrawal may be needed to process what we have become. This allows for deeper realisations within oneself.


Our inner guidance is working. It is not faulty! For the simple fact is that we are having this journey even if it is somewhat reluctantly. Our inner guidance is working for us 24/7 and because of our intention to be Soul connected it is leading us to higher ground. This is what it looks like for this moment!


We haven’t failed. Things haven’t stopped because we screwed up. No, it is simply that we are being called to expand and inhabit a higher vibration… to let our previous ‘dreams’ fall away and be replaced with a greater vision.


Life is a mystery. We are being called to live in the unfolding mystery of creation. We live in a world of linear dimension and yet the Soul calling exists beyond limitation.


Everything in the universe expands and contracts.  It is in the contraction that enables the expansion of creation. This is where the juice lies. Expansion happens within these still moments of contraction of breathing deeply and not running away or hiding from the pain. Going through the fear that this will never change, that life has stopped!


Everything is cyclical. There is no doubt this will come around again and again. Yet if we can hold the vision that this experience is taking us beyond our small dreams, even though they felt wild once, to new dreams and ways of being, we can enjoy the ride and be in the moment.


Inspiration will come again. This is a given! Trust and trust some more!


So, how do we support ourselves and each other in this? What does one do with this? Perhaps it helps to say to ourselves –‘keep in the mystery, keep flowing and know that if I am going through this someone else is too’.


Wherever you are on this mysterious journey called life know that, even though our circumstances may look vastly different, we are all in this together.