The Time is Now! I awoke on Saturday morning to a different world. Or was it that, I was different?

The Friday night before I had little sleep, tossing and turning whilst grappling with thoughts of the horrendous carnage that had taken place in Bourke Street Melbourne City that day. As I endlessly looped the images in my mind, my heart was broken into a thousand pieces as I recalled the upturned pram that had been wrenched from a mother’s grip and dragged metres down the road. In this pram was a tiny baby the same age as my granddaughter.


As I lay awake I was also aware that on the other side of the world a tyrant was being sworn into office. Sleep did not wish to relieve me of my thoughts.


Why, oh why is this happening? How did it come to this on my watch? Who and what could I have been and done differently so that I did not need to experience this? Whilst my human mind was struggling with these questions, I was also remembering that true answers can only come from a spiritual perspective that encompasses a higher vibration.

As I slowly made my way into the day I found myself at my local café. As the friendly waiter handed me my morning cuppa he asked ‘what was new for me’? I replied that I was feeling sad to see what is going on in the world. He offered his thoughts and that he too felt that way. But then he said something that really got me thinking. He said that even though he did not like the incoming president he felt safe in the idea that the system would not let him put into practice much of what he was planning. He then left.


As his words sunk in, I realized–I disagree. For is it not our faith in this system that has helped shape this moment in time? A system that we see was made up to keep us disempowered–which was designed by the few for the few. A system that we are required to disengage from in order to walk our unique soul centred path. And yet, we must not be victimised by this in any way. A better system cannot be figured out. It can only arise from within all of us from within our own hearts.


So I asked myself ‘how much have I been relying on a system that I know is bound to fail’? How have I been in terms of taking responsibility for my own reality?

What came back was a surprise in some ways, yet it was clear. I have taken my focus of the idea of a new world. A world where heart is praised and we live in harmonious connection to our selves, each other and the Universe we inhabit. I had taken my eye of the ball. I had gone to sleep on my watch. I had let go of my conviction, my belief that we can do this together. Yet what had started to creep in, was all those feelings of it being too hard-this will never happen.


On the face of it I could honestly say that in this moment the world does feel different, it feels chaotic, out of step with nature and with a greater vision. And, yet, if we feel into it we can feel the seed of transformation taking hold. A seed that is taking roots into the Earth and shooting out signs of new life. I am reminded that before transformation and rebirth, comes a stage of decay and death–a breaking down of the old to make space for the new. This is that time!


So what can I do? What can any of us do? We can renew our vision for a more harmonious world that we are part of creating. For this is the reason that we let the vision slip- we forget that we are all part of creating it.

What does that look like? For me it is being in every moment the greatest version of myself that I am called to be. I cannot transform the world single-handedly but I can transform my relationship with it and within that transformation is the seed of change.


The tired old systems will only become extinct when we no longer place our faith in them–when we can see that they have nothing to offer us. We will simply turn our backs on them. That is when the visions for true co-creative change will be enacted. It is never wise to want to tear down and destroy what is not working. It is much wiser to be the truth of who we are and then the new flows naturally from this.


So yes, I do feel that I had taken my eye of the greater vision but of course it was always there moving at its own pace under a momentum that started long ago.


As we wait with bated breath to see what will happen in the world let us remind ourselves that the bullies, tyrants and dictators of the world are not here to save us. They are (consciously or not) here to set in motion the destruction of the old ways.


As we watch this take place we can be assured that all our work of self empowerment will not be wasted. The time is now!

Love and Blessings, Carole x