Time to Embrace our Perfect Imperfections. The primary purpose of inner Guidance is to expand and evolve out of our limited belief structures. It is beyond the limitations we have placed on ourselves. Therefore it is not wise to restrict the flow of our guidance by boxing it into our old limited belief ‘system’.

I recall many years ago feeling frustrated at not getting something in particular that I wanted in life and asking my Guides how I could ‘get’ it. I can honestly say I was unhappy with the answers I was getting. I was pulled up by my husband, the wisest person I know, who said to me in no uncertain terms –‘that my guides are not my slaves’.  So true! They are offering us wisdom and an expanded view of our reality that we may come to understand and live as a Soul centered human. Not an egocentric existence!

Seeing orbs, auras, becoming psychic, communicating with our guides, healing the planet and others are all by-products of connecting with your own multidimensional channel of guidance. They are not the primary purpose of expanding our guidance, nor in fact a cause. Rather they are an effect.  As we are multi-dimensional beings the more we explore our channel of Guidance the more we get in touch with our multidimensionality, for this occurs as a natural extension of connecting with our guidance. As we deepen our connection with our Guides we step into an expanded frequency and raise our vibration–then experience life from that new reality. 

​​The spiritual journey is one of deep excavation sifting through the minutia of our lives and then seeing what the true treasure is. As with any ‘dig’ that is truly worthwhile, it can take a lot of hard work and a meticulous commitment to get to the ‘real’ treasure – the real You–the real Us. It is worth every speck of dust, every tear and every back breaking minute.

As I pondered this idea I realized how extremely grateful I am for the conscious connection I have with my guidance and my guides. Then I asked myself –‘Do I always honour myself in this?  The answer I got was, no–I have had a tendency to hide my growth and awareness—from fear of rejection. I can also see this is a wound many others are working through. The Spiritual path is both painful and exhilarating–often in equal measure. We don’t want the world to see that it can be painful to uncover, remember and embrace who we are in truth.

Am I committed to my own growth? Yes!  I am sure if I asked you the same question you would also offer a resounding Yes!

Perhaps we need to be honest with ourselves and others regarding the painful side of the journey that got us to this point. Surrender the idea that to be spiritual we must be perfect—that we must have perfect lives. It is this kind of distorted belief system that keeps us from acknowledging ourselves until we have reached some unattainable goal—one impossible to achieve! The mind keeps telling us it should be better–we should be better and yet the goal is simply to remember who we are–multi-dimensional beings having an experience of our choosing to expand and evolve. Sounds perfect to me!

Are we all in this together? Yes! It is time to stop hiding our ‘spiritual excavation’.

It is our perfect imperfections that we need to treasure the most. May you recognise the treasure that already exists within.

Love and blessings on your unique journey,

Carole x​​​​​​​