What does it take to live as a Soul Centred being?

What does it take to live as a Soul Centred being – to live life from and within its perspective?

We all feel deep down that there is a greater purpose for our lives and seek to discover it. We all desire to feel aligned with our true purpose, to find ways to expand our relationships and authentically express ourselves in the world.

Yet life does not come with an instruction manual. There are no 10 steps for the Spiritual Path, no handbook that clearly states some special rules that will lead us to Nirvana.

Yet what is true is that we are all unique and interconnected aspects of an infinite, abundant and ever-expanding Universe. We can never be separate from our Soul. Yes, never separate…simply not possible! We are Guided by Soul because it is our essence. We only have to remember and align ourselves through our inner guidance system.

Each one of us has a unique Soul Path. There is no right way for everyone – only the right way for each of us. Yet perhaps therein lies our dilemma. For, if we are searching for something we think we do not have or that others have in greater doses, we worry… what if I never get it? This can only lead to our seeking and not finding!

Yet, if we abandon the idea we do not already have what we are looking for, we begin to look and see that it is already within us, waiting to be tapped into and expressed. Something we already are and came here to be!

We are Soul centred beings having a soul centred experience and this is what it looks like! And it is enough! We are ‘Soul’ having an earthly experience. Without that thought a Soul centred life does not show up for us. And with that thought it becomes a quest, a lifelong venture into the heart of our being.

The Spiritual path is such a paradox! On one hand, we can feel more connected and on the other, more alone. In all honesty, it is not all love and light and delightful magical unicorns visiting us on a daily basis. We will not exist in a bubble of calm with all of our dreams fully realised at any given moment.

For me the question…’What does it really take to live a Soul Centred Life’? leads me to question more deeply why so many of us are grappling with this and struggling to survive in what appears, at times, to be a world of chaos. I do recognise that I can never truly answer that question, as it would assume that we should be having a vastly different experience.

It takes commitment, to remind ourselves that we are already – that which we seek. Even on our good days we can feel less than perfect. So it is a willingness to see that our ego has an idea of perfection for our lives that the Soul is not and never will be interested in. Soul has this, for Soul is the driver not the rider.

Think about this for a minute. Soul is the driver not the rider! It means we can surrender the job of steering the ship, driving the car and let go and know that whatever happens and however this turns out Soul knows the bigger picture and is steering the ship in the right direction.

It takes accepting that at times we will kick and scream like a toddler having a tantrum over nothing in particular. And most of all it takes accepting ourselves. This is hard work, painful and without a doubt a life time of challenge. Yet, once begun, there is no turning back from allowing the Soul to drive proceedings.

More than ever, we are being called to trust in the inner wisdom of our Soul. More than ever we are being called to connect with others who are on the path of opening to greater awareness and consciousness.

And, to start a never ending conscious conversation about why it feels so difficult to get into the flow and how to stay true to ourselves in these intense, fast changing times as the gap between our perception and that of those around us, widens.

Much love and laughter,

Carole x