I would like to share with you some of what I have learnt, so far, from the Guides in reference to the energies of this year. It is fair to say that what is in store for us in 2017 is very much in flux and yet, what is clear is that it will be both challenging and exciting.

2016 was a year of much instability and for many it felt like walking on boards that were flying out from under our feet! The closing stages of the year reflected much chaos in many parts of the world, a counterproductive energy to moving into a more harmonious reality.

2017 is a year of consolidation, not so much a time of consolidation of our external desires and wants, rather a year of consolidation within Soul. This can only come from a place of connection. For as we see in the world more pronounced and obvious polarity creating more separation we will be forced, in a sense, to go within and claim our place in the higher scheme of things. We will continue to play out old energies, ones that no longer serve the higher good, through bullies on the world stage and increasing disempowered governmental bodies. There is a lot of heaviness on the planet at this time, as if the energy is compressed and pushing down. Many are feeling tied down as if they cannot move, but that is not the truth.

Of course the counterpoint to this is Self-empowerment. Collectively there is a calling to let go of disempowerment and the calling forth of true empowerment in oneself. And, as we focus on an inner calling to a greater reality and the desire to move forward we will feel less inclined to connect with those old energies and they will begin to fade from our reality.

Many have felt that it no longer serves the common good to be served by governments and leaders who do not share the highest values of the tribe, yet, it also no longer serves to cut down those in office in cruel acts of violence. But what does serve is the empowerment of the individual to benefit from connecting with other empowered individuals and then it is that much is accomplished. Let us say that the greatest clearing that can be done on a global scale is the reconnection to Self–the higher, intrinsic part of you–this is vital to the harmonious experience you seek.” Sirius Collective

As the year progresses, many people (including scientists) will start to look beyond what they can see, because what they see is not giving them the feedback they need. Many who have a positive intention of effecting change and expansion will start to look into other realms of possibility. There is great potential to anchor onto our planet the many frequencies that are coming through. For we are veritably being ‘rained’ upon by higher level frequencies of light and contained, within that light, is much information that is being made available to us. 

So, what can we take from this? In my mind the key words for 2017 are: Don’t look for stability and signs of progress in seeing that things are looking better ‘out there’.

Let us look for that within our being and as we do so, we naturally experience expansion. Now more than ever we need to find ways to come back to our still point and balance within. The key question to ask is how may I raise my vibration to be in alignment with my highest potential outcome in terms of growth and evolution’. 

As we ask (with sincerity)—we receive. It is done! That is the Universal law.

The faster frequencies of 2017 will spin and expand our awareness of our interconnectedness, like never before.As we learn to take our rightful place as Citizens of the Universe we become empowered to see our place upon the planet as a gift of growth and see endless possibilities to connect with frequencies and other realms and dimensions that support this growth and healing. Our interaction with other dimensional realities will attract and offer a greater sense of stability for us as we move through this great shift.Even though, this year, will present its own batch of issues and challenges on the planet, it will feel as if a new sense of solidness is being created. As the Guides have said, every year builds a greater foundation for a new expansion in the next. We are also heading towards another big ramp up in 2020.

“When you remind yourselves of the eternal beings that you truly are, you are reminded of the way in which every action reaps a consequence. You can effect change with your intention. If your world could see collectively that you individually and collectively affect every particle of matter and that what you think and do matters—then it is that you would no longer see yourselves as individuals that have no effect.”     Sirius Collective