What if Life Is Meant To Be Simple?  

What if Life Is Meant To Be Simple? Have you ever noticed that your mind can be racing with many thoughts, many of which seem to contradict each other? Conflicting ideas, images, philosophies and a myriad of ways to improve the human condition abound in this world. All jostling for our attention.

Yet what if life is supposed to be more simple than we are led to believe? What if it is far more simple than the complexity our minds have made into somewhat of a reality for us?

I always smile when the Guides say how we seem to complicate the most simple of things and how we have come to accept complexity over simplicity. What if our purpose is not to ‘improve’ the human condition but rather only to remember that we are Soul centred beings. This sounds simple and we have been known to make it far from simple!

Our focus is generally on our assumptions of disconnection from the truth that we are Soul connected. We convince ourselves that connection it is way harder than we think and pretty impossible at times to achieve. What if we were to accept that it is impossible to ever be disconnected from Soul. Would we would then see how simple life is really? 

I woke up this morning with many conflicting thoughts, too many to unravel so I sat quietly and asked for guidance, asked to be able to see what I was not seeing. And the answer was simple and uncomplicated!

I was reminded once again to recognise and remember that we are all part of an inter-connected Universe and that giving attention to this interconnectedness, is our pathway to a more expanded reality–our pathway to a joyful, abundant, connected life! Is it hard to be human? Yes, but only when we inhabit a mind set that separates us from our true essence, from our Soul essence. Yet, it only takes the smallest amount of willingness, the most minute particle of recognition and acceptance to instantly bring us more peace and expansion. 

So the answer is simply really and really simple! We do not have to ‘fix’ the outer form of human life. Rather by focusing on accepting that we are Soul beings having this experience we can connect with a deeply fulfilling and ever expanding flow of Soul presence and purpose.

Much love, laughter and blessings,