Live Your Unique Soul Presence and Purpose

‘It is grand beyond measure that you are here, upon this Planet at this time, for there is great growth to be had. There is much consciousness here for you to evolve into and to be the grandest that you are.’  Ishtaria

As you explore my site I hope that you find something that speaks to your heart on your unique path of expansion. We are living in extraordinary times that seem to offer increasing polarity in the collective human consciousness. This can mean we experience feeling out of synch between our ‘inner’ perception and ‘outer’ world leading to uncertainty within ourselves, our relationships, in terms of who we are, and what life is all about. Yet these times are also calling us to shift our perspectives–to reframe assumptions and beliefs of limitation and reclaim and express more authentically a greater truth of who we are.


The inspiration for my work, as a visionary intuitive and channel, is to be a medium and translator of communication between this and other realms and dimensions in a grounded and practical way. I work with and channel a variety of Higher Dimensional Beings among them ‘Collectives’ of the Sirius, Arcturan and Elohim Frequencies; The Council of 9 and Ishtaria a 9th Dimensional Light Being.  Their unifying message is that the interconnectedness of life means we are never separate from an indivisible, all embracing, infinite, creative intelligence. A multi-verse they liken to a ‘Galactic Playground’! Our connection to this is through our own multi-dimensional channel of guidance. This offers us unlimited growth both on a personal and collective level.


The Galactic Guides exist beyond the boundary of perception. They have much to impart to the Earthly realm by way of spoken wisdom and energy activations. They share a greater awareness of our highest potential and offer tangible, practical guidance for everyday. This supports us to discover a greater aspect to ourselves and enjoy an expanded perception of reality as it unlocks new possibility and inspires us into greater realisation of ourselves as a unique aspect of the greater multi-dimensional cosmos, with our own unique purpose.

 ‘All Beings who are co-creating with Earth and her inhabitants at this time are here for one purpose and one purpose only to envision a greater world and to partake in the upliftment of humanity that will also lift and support Mother Earth on her ascension.’         Sirius Collective 

My passionate intention is to support you in listening, uncovering and living your unique multi-dimensional Soul presence and purpose. I offer private sessions and mentoring worldwide as well as group sessions for those on their unique journey of Soul centered transformation and seeking true purpose and deeper levels of relationship, abundance and creative expression.

Please take a look at the Free EBooks and Resources pages and if you are called to a Personal Channelled Reading, Mentoring Program, a Group Session Event or simply would like to contact me I look forward to being of service. Love and Blessings, Carole ♥