Is your Soul calling?

Each of us has a unique calling–a Soul purpose in our human experience we are called to embody and express. This calling is our unique ‘spiritual pathway’. When we are Soul aligned a natural flow occurs. There is a connection to our inner wisdom that guides us on our true life path.

As you explore my site I hope you find something that speaks to your heart. You will find audio and written channellings from the ‘Team of Galactic Guides’  I work with and channelamong them ‘Collectives’ of the Sirius, Arcturan and Elohim Frequencies; The Council of 9 and Ishtaria. My passionate intention is to support you in discovering and living your unique Soul calling. Much love, Carole ♥


We all desire a more expansive, abundant experience with less struggle and intensity than the previous year offered. 2018 is certainly calling us to the next stage of our personal and collective evolution. This process can be an exciting discovery and we can also feel a sense of overwhelm as we feel called to step forward in a bolder, braver and more Soul centred way. Take heart for this year offers us the opportunity to explore ourselves in a greater context in connection to our place in the Universe and through this we will find that there is not the need to work through issues in such a linear way, as we have in the past, enabling us to connect with healed aspects in a much quicker way.

The Sirius Collective have delivered a beautiful message  that not only addresses aspects of the energy of this year but is timeless in the respect of what can be applied at any time.                                            Read Transcription here…