Activate and Inspire a Greater You

Each of us has a unique calling–a Soul purpose in our human experience we are called to embody and express. This calling is our unique ‘spiritual pathway’. Our spiritual paths may look vastly different in circumstance, yet the commonality of purpose is a far greater force for those of us seeking to remember, rediscover and reconnect with a greater aspect of ourselves.

As you explore my site I hope you find something that speaks to your heart. As a channel and visionary intuitive my work focuses on illuminating a clear pathway forward with a deeper connection to your unique Soul presence and purpose and ways to express this in the world. I Channel for clients worldwide, through private sessions, group sessions and workshops, who come from diverse backgrounds ranging from therapists, coaches, artists, business people, social evolutionaries, even other channels and healers. My passionate intention is to support you on your unique path of self discovery and expansion.   Much love, Carole ♥

Are you feeling a sense of inner turmoil?   A gentle reminder from the Sirius Collective to ask our selves— where are we not offering support and acknowledgment to ourselves? If the world seems hard to navigate it is an opportunity to dive deeper and deeper into our inner world, our own inner guidance as this is our eternal connection to a rich expanded experience despite what is happening ‘out there’.

New Workshop – March 2018

However much in tune we are with our Inner Guidance there is always untapped potential waiting to be activated. We are always being called to expand. Our Inner Guidance is our life line–the key to alignment with our Soul presence and our expression of its purpose. By activating deeper levels of the power of this alignment we are taken on an infinite journey of endless possibilities. 

  • Learn how simple it is to align and work with your unique channel of inner guidance as a tool for greater awareness and creative expression
  • Understand the metaphysics of inner guidance and how you are wired to receive it in your unique way
  • Learn to distinguish between true inner guidance versus mind chatter  
  • Experience direct channelling from the Arcturan and Sirius Collectives
  • Receive healing Sound Activations to unlock new levels of your Soul Blueprint
  • And much more…