We are living in extraordinary, fast changing and expansive times that are challenging us to explore and expand beyond what is known... Now is the time to reclaim and authentically live the truth of who we are... We each have a unique highest potential for this life, a Soul path or calling that we are here to express. This ‘uniqueness’ is the gift we bring to this world... And as we embrace this and live from a deep connection with Soul we align with a life direction that is inspired, expanded and in the flow.

“As you awaken to the magnificence of your Soul and deeper levels of your being you will express who you are more fully in the world.”Sirius Collective 



Hi I’m Carole, my service is to offer grounded, tangible and practical guidance for everyday life. A greater awareness of your highest potential; supporting you to rediscover and reconnect with your authentic creative power to reveal a greater vision for your true purpose.

As a Spiritual Channel, Mentor and Visionary Intuitive I offer individual readings, mentoring, group sessions, workshops and channeled offerings with my ‘Team of Galactic Guides’.  

These Guides exist beyond the boundary of our ordinary sensory perception. They have much to impart to the Earthly realm by way of spoken wisdom and healing activations.

Their declared intention is to be of service to humanity. To support us in shifting our vibration, to discover a deeper connection with our inner guidance and live from a place of peaceful empowerment and creativity.  Much Love, Carole ♥


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“Carole, thank you so much for an amazing session. I am so appreciative of the high calibre of information that you channel and share. I have found clarity to many of my pointed questions. It always feels like having a meaningful conversation with some old friend(s) and that leaves me feeling expanded and refocused in new and enlightened ways. 

Thank you for offering your talents!”  


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We are the Sirius Beings of Light and we are here to have an intimate conversation. To have a mindful exchange of ideas of wisdom and a truly heartfelt experience. Because if you think about it, the whole idea of communicating with your hearts, your hearts, is that it leads you to experience something that is impossible to see on one level. It is only possible to experience it within your being. It has to be a heartfelt experience. It cannot come from the mind. It can only come from that aspect of you that understands and knows without a doubt that you are inter-connected with everything in the entire Cosmos. With the All. For it is not possible for you to be separated from anything that is having an experience of the All. It is not possible!….


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“Thank you so much for your insightful newsletters and updates. They are always so spot on and never cease to enlighten me and lift the spirit.”    Anne- Astrologer