Hi I’m CaroleI am so glad you are here!

I believe that You do not have to hide who you truly are.

You can come out of the ‘spiritual closet’ and shine your Light in the world!


Many of us who feel called to live a Soul inspired life are deeply sensitive, feel out of step with the ‘mainstream’ and find it hard to claim our unique and authentic way to be and express ourselves.


My bliss is to help sensitive, conscious, intuitive, soul-inspired, creative people empower their intuition and find their unique place in the world without feeling they have to hide who they are or diminish the expression of their spiritual gifts in order to fit in.


We all feel deep down a greater purpose for our lives yet if we believe we are disconnected from our innate creative power we feel blocked, resistant and confused. We doubt our purpose and gifts and the voice of our inner guidance becomes a distant memory. Our immediate life experience becomes the overwhelming focus which inhibits our ability to receive the inspired answers we need to realise a greater life vision. This produces a self reinforcing loop of disempowerment and frustration.


Whilst we are in truth all Soul centred beings, there are moments when we simply need to be reminded of this! As we awaken to our Soul essence we connect with a flow that allows us to align with our true purpose.



I believe we can all learn to hear, recognise and follow our Soul calling. This can feel both exciting and challenging! Yet when we are aligned and follow the magnitude of its calling, a natural flow occurs. We have a deeper connection to the inner wisdom that guides us on our true and authentic life path.


Through individual Readings, Mentoring, group sessions, workshops and channeled offerings, I and my ‘Team of Galactic Guides’ are dedicated to helping others shift their vibration, discover a deeper connection with their inner guidance and live from a place of peaceful empowerment and creativity.


These Galactic Guides exist beyond the boundary of perception and have much to impart to the Earthly realm by way of spoken wisdom and healing activations. They share a greater awareness of our highest potential and offer tangible, practical guidance for our everyday lives. They support us to discover and connect with a greater aspect of ourselves and enjoy an expanded perception of our reality. This unlocks new possibility and inspires us into greater realisation of ourselves as a unique aspect of the greater multi-dimensional cosmos, with our own unique purpose.


If you know you are here for a greater purpose than the one you are currently living… If you are feeling called to share your wisdom and gifts with the world… yet are hiding your Light… I would love to support you in discovering your authentic creative power and living your unique Soul calling.  Much Love, Carole ♥     


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“The truth is, when you awaken to your Soul aspect and deeper levels of your being you will express who you are more fully in the world.”  Sirius Collective 


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“Carole, thank you so much for an amazing session. I am so appreciative of the high calibre of information that you channel and share. I have found clarity to many of my pointed questions. It always feels like having a meaningful conversation with some old friend(s) and that leaves me feeling expanded and refocused in new and enlightened ways. 

Thank you for offering your talents!”  


What is this ‘Spiritual Closet’? And are you hanging out in it? If so how do we ‘get out’ so to speak? Let us start by defining what the closet is…

Let’s look at it this way… For ones like us who identify as being seekers, seekers of the Light within, who seek to understand our place in the world through being on our unique spiritual pathway, we can often mistakenly think that hiding in the closet is a most noble thing! ‘Let’s be invisible’… Do not disturb others and make them feel uncomfortable’… ‘Let’s just keep out of the way’… This can happen in subtle yet powerful ways that start to trap us into believing that it is wise to hide our hearts, hide our greater intentions…

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“Thank you so much for your insightful newsletters and updates. They are always so spot on and never cease to enlighten me and lift the spirit.”    Anne- Astrologer